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Zoom Reportedly Wants to Compete with Google for Email Services? | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Zoom, a video conferencing application, is rumored to be expanding their services. Unmitigated, informed The Information and reported Engadget, Friday (16/9), said it would present email and calendar services. This of course is like fighting against the dominance of Google.

The email service development plan is called Zmail and Zcal. It is expected to be introduced at Zoomtopia’s annual conference in November.

Zoom managed to record quarterly revenue of up to USD 1.1 billion. But under those results, the company saw slow growth and its share price dropped to pre-pandemic levels.

This fact shows that Zoom has stronger competitors, namely Google and Microsoft. One of Zoom’s significant drawbacks is that many businesses use them, as do Workspace and Office 365. The three services form a complementary suite to meet most enterprise productivity needs.

On the other hand, it’s not yet known if when released later, Zoom Email and calendar can match or even rival Google and Microsoft, which have had products like Gmail and Outlook for years. Regarding the news of this email and calendar application, Zoom has not given any response.



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