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Zong Qinghou’s Success Story, Becomes a Billionaire by Selling Packaged Drinks | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Zong Qinghou is one of the richest people in China who is able to build wealth independently. Reporting from Real Time Billionaires Forbes, his wealth is worth USD 8.1 billion or equivalent to Rp. 120.5 trillion. Even so, the wealth generated is not instantaneous and has gone through a process of ups and downs.

In his country, Zong Qinghou is known as the founder of the largest beverage company. And to this day, he is still seen as one of China’s entrepreneurial icons.

His story of becoming rich has not only inspired generations of Chinese to start their own businesses. But it is also pushing for important changes in China’s reforms. Even now, he is in his late 70s. Zong is still working and learning to get to know how a new generation is formed and find ways to always innovate in the business sector.

The man who was born in 1945, began to enter the business sector in 1987. At that time he traded soft drinks and popsicles to school children. Despite working hard in selling, his income only reaches 8 USD per month.

With his income which is only about a third of the average Chinese income, he has to live in poverty. He has tasted all the bitterness of life. Zong once slept on the streets of Beijing, unable to buy proper clothes until his business went bankrupt due to lack of capital. In fact, not infrequently he had to endure hunger because he did not have the money to buy it.

Even though he didn’t finish high school, he kept trying until his hard work finally paid off. Zong was able to establish a company called Hangzhou Wahana Group which produces a variety of packaged beverage products. The company is now the largest beverage company in China

Despite already having abundant wealth, Zong continues to apply the principles of a frugal and simple life. And his love of building the country’s economy, makes him always wear original clothes made in China.

Zong considers himself as a rich man and has a duty to help others become rich like him. This is not without reason, he feels that today’s business world is very different from when Zong first tasted success. His goal is to be able to maintain business in a new era that has become increasingly diverse and far more advanced.

Intern Reporter: Hana Tiara Hanifah [azz]

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