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You don’t have to come to the origin, this delicious Lapis Surabaya can be ordered in Jakarta | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Layer name surabaya seems to be heard quite a lot lately. Moreover, these snacks are also often used as souvenirs when traveling to Surabaya. This is increasingly making layers of Surabaya famous in almost all corners of the archipelago.

Because of the popularity of lapis surabaya, now this one cake seller is scattered everywhere, not least in Jakarta. In order to find a delicious layer of Surabaya to eat, don’t choose the wrong place to buy. Jakartans can choose Lapis Legit Minda.

Has a Butter Aroma and Taste That You Can Feel in Every Bite

The first reason why Lapis Legit Minda’s Lapis Legit Minda’s lapis surabaya is really worth a try, is because it brings a buttery aroma and taste that is felt in every bite.

This is because Lapis Legit Minda is made of premium materials, including butter or the butter. Not just any butter of course, but a special butter that can produce a fragrant aroma and taste that is really appetizing.

The premium butter is then combined with other premium raw materials, such as the cocoa powder used. In order to produce a delicious layer of Surabaya, Lapis Legit Minda uses the right dose in each composition. As a result, his homemade lapis surabaya never disappoints customers.

Lapis Surabaya Classic that Often Makes Nostalgic

©Sweet and Delicious/Lapis Legit Minda

Interestingly, Lapis Legit Minda presents the creations of its homemade lapis surabaya with a classic shape. Instead of modernizing with a variety of tastes and appearances, Lapis Legit Minda still maintains the original form of lapis surabaya which consists of three layers of sponge cake, namely yellow-chocolate-yellow.

The yellow color of lapis surabaya is made from eggs and premium butter. It tastes so delicious. While the chocolate dough is made from cocoa powder which produces a sweet taste.

Each of the cakes is cooked in a separate pan, then joined to each other using delicious jam or cream. Thanks to the skills it has over the years, Lapis Legit Minda is able to produce soft, soft and delicious lapis surabaya creations.

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