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Wuling Shows Water Battery Life ev

Wuling Shows Water Battery Life ev

The 2022 Perikliindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) event at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran which was held from 22 to 31 July became the right momentum for Wuling Motors (Wuling) to introduce its newest electric vehicle product, Air ev, to the wider community.

Various innovations from this electric car can be witnessed directly by exhibition visitors, ranging from a futuristic exterior appearance, modern interior design, to a comfortable cabin. One of the innovations that Wuling Air ev doesn’t miss is battery safety which has been well tested.

“Safety is certainly a priority in the development of electric vehicles, especially in battery components and high-voltage electrical systems. Air ev batteries have passed various tests with satisfactory results. These tests aim to ensure battery safety and durability in various operating conditions,” explained Product Planning for Wuling Motors Danang Wiratmoko, Monday (25/7).

Wuling Air ev carries a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery which is in charge of storing as well as being a source of energy needed by the electric motor in the compact dimension car. The battery device is claimed to have passed 16 endurance test models in various conditions and situations. Starting from the drop test, repeated rotation, fire, water immersion, impact, to vibration to ensure the battery remains safe for daily use by users.

Various tests of Air ev battery devices were carried out in various scenarios. One of them is the battery endurance test on impact with the drop test method from a height of one meter. Then, a crash test was also carried out with an acceleration of up to 28G from one point to another and also a flip test with repeated rotations like in an overturned car condition. The Air ev battery pack has successfully passed these various tests and is in good and intact condition and is still functioning normally.

In addition, Air ev batteries are also tested under other extreme conditions, namely fire situations. In this test, the battery successfully passed the combustion process at high temperatures without explosion or other damage. Furthermore, the battery pack has also been subjected to an immersion test by obtaining IP67 certification, without leakage to ensure safety in rainy or flood situations. Not only that, to protect the battery from uneven road conditions, the Air ev battery has passed the vibration test with a frequency of 24Hz for three days.

“The various tests that have been successfully passed show that the Wuling Air ev battery is safe and durable in use in conditions of use in Indonesia. Coupled with its ease of recharging, Air ev is a new solution for modern mobility that is environmentally friendly and safe,” concluded Danang. (S-4)


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