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WhatsApp Trains Dozens of Jayapura MSME Facilitators

WhatsApp Trains Dozens of Jayapura MSME Facilitators

INCLUDING the three provincial cities that are the centers of the JagoWan Digital UKM 2022 program, Jayapura became the training ground for dozens of SME facilitators, last weekend. The JagoWAN Digital UKM program is a collaboration between WhatsApp and Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI).

Starting in 2020, the program has held basic entrepreneurship training and digital marketing with more than 300 high school teachers and 17,000 high school students and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia. This year, the program is centered in Jayapura, Blitar, and Pangandaran. These three locations are considered to have tremendous potential to grow and become an important part of Indonesia’s digital economy.

Not only that, this program also utilizes the power of youth as a catalyst for regional economic development. The realization of this goal is to train 300 young entrepreneurs who will then share their knowledge and teach 2000 other young entrepreneurs in their respective regions.

Held on Saturday (23/7), in Jayapura, 52 trainers/facilitators were trained in the program. Furthermore, they are expected to be able to train hundreds of SMEs around them to go digital.

One of the resource persons presented in the training session was Reza Nurhilman, founder of the spicy cassava chip brand, Maicih. In addition, Charles Toto, a native Papuan Chef and Food Activist was also present. “It is very important for these digitalization activities (MSMEs) to be held in Papua because we are heading for the digital era. So, we must not be late from friends outside Papua,” Charles Toto, when met after the training session.

“In the future, there will be many young entrepreneurs from Papua who can manage Papuan products and encourage them to be known outside. Papuans can also tell stories from the side of their food or food or their products that are already feasible,” he continued.

Charles added that he had also carried out data collection activities for local foods in Papua. “As a result of what I have collected, it turns out that swah mening has become a habit of eating culture during traditional events. This is one of the (foods) that we can push into products in the form of packaging that is measured by hygienic standards as well. things that are needed in the body such as vitamins, protein, carbohydrates are already contained in the food,” he said.

Meanwhile, Esther Samboh, WhatsApp Public Policy Manager in Indonesia, said that his party continues to make products that support the development of SMEs because this sector is the backbone of the Indonesian economy.

“More than 60 percent of PBB (Land and Building Tax) from SMEs, 97 percent of the workforce in Indonesia work in the MSME sector. While there is a demographic bonus, 10 years from now, 60 percent of the Indonesian people are young people, this is where WhatsApp sees that we have WhatsApp business products, one of the mediums for MSMEs can go digital or digitize MSMEs according to the government’s target as well. 30 million MSMEs will be digitized by 2024,” he said.

Currently, he claims business WhatsApp users reach 19 million. Through the JagoWan Digital UKM program, it is hoped that a digitally literate SME community will be formed and trainers/facilitators will also emerge who can provide a sustainable impact on the surrounding SME community. (M-1).


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