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What is the Law of the Prophet’s Birthday Celebrated Every Year? This is the word of the cleric


Suara.com – The love of Muslims to the Prophet Muhammad is worship. But how the law of the Prophet’s Birthday which is celebrated every year?

The reason is, the Prophet Muhammad himself did not explicitly recommend commemorating his birthday. The following is an explanation of the law of celebrating Prophet’s birthday Muhammad, PBUH.

Indeed, a person’s faith is not perfect until he makes the Prophet Muhammad as a person who is more beloved to him than himself, his children, his parents, and even all mankind. Likewise, the exaltation of the Prophet Muhammad is a matter of worship.

Likewise, generating feelings of love for the Prophet Muhammad is also part of religion because it contains a tendency to the Shari’a.

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However, to discuss the laws of celebration Birthday of Prophet Muhammad there needs to be a basis for the opinion of scholars. Such as the following.

The Law of Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday Muhammad, PBUH

Quoted from the page muslim.or.idShaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-‘Utsaimin gave a brief explanation of the law of celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which is celebrated every year.

First, the night of the birth of Rasulullah SAW is not known with certainty when, even some contemporary scholars conclude their research results that in fact the night of the birth of Rasulullah SAW was on the 9th of Robi’ul Awwal and not the night of 12 Robi’ul Awwal. Therefore, making celebrations on the night of 12 Robi’ul Awwal have no basis in terms of historical background.

Then secondly, from a sharia perspective, celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday has no basis. Because, if it is part of the Shari’a of Allah SWT, then of course the Prophet SAW did it or he conveyed it to his people. And if he ever did it or conveyed it then the teaching should have been maintained, because Allah SWT said which means, “Indeed, We are the ones who sent down the Qur’an and We are the ones who guard it”, (Surah Al-Hijr: 9).

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So, when it turns out that few of these possibilities have not been proven, then it can be understood that it is not part of the religious teachings of Allah SWT. Because, we are not allowed to worship Allah SWT and draw closer to Him in such ways.

The law of commemorating or celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is permissible and does not include bid’ah dhalalah (making up something bad) but bid’ah hasanah (something good). The reason is, there are no arguments that forbid the commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

The tradition of commemorating or celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in Indonesia has been carried out for a long time. The commemoration of the Prophet’s Birthday which is held every 12 Robi’ul Awwal is carried out in various ways including recitation, reading prayers, reading the Koran, and giving donations and alms to orphans and the poor.

Back to the legal issue of the Prophet’s Birthday, quoted from the mui.or.id page, basically it is permissible and is included in the bid’ah hasanah. Bid’ah hasanah is something that was not done by the Prophet or his companions, but the act has a good value and does not conflict with the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. Meanwhile, bid’ah dhalalah is a new act in religion that is contrary to the Qur’an and Hadith.

Contributors: Rishna Maulina Pratama


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