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What are the Night Skincare Orders? This is the order, don’t get confused

What are the Night Skincare Orders?  This is the order, don’t get confused

Besides using facial wash, it turns out that there are many series skincare On the other hand, skincare is very important for our needs and taking care of our face.

However, the number of skincare series that can’t be used arbitrarily. There is night skincare order what you should know.

If not sequentially correctly then use skincare you are not maximal or wasted.

When you use skincare at night, you can repair skin cells due to exposure to pollution, solar radiation, and mental stress caused by your activities.

Applying skincare at night can also moisturize facial skin.

The process of skin cell division, takes place more quickly at night. As a result, when you wake up in the morning you are greeted with skin that looks healthier, supple, and radiant.

For the use of night skincare starting at 8-10 pm. Don’t be too late, so that you get enough sleep.

Night Skincare Order

This time we will discuss the order of night skincare, what is it?

1. Make-up Remover

If you often leave the house, wear make-up, or in activities exposed to a lot of pollution, it is very important that you use a make-up remover.

Make up remover helps you to clean the make up and dust that sticks to your face. Use make-up remover partially skincare order the first night.

You can use a make up remover with oil-based ingredients so that cosmetics with oil content can be more easily removed.

However, for people with oily skin types, water-based make-up removers may be better chosen so that the skin does not become even more oily.

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2. Cleanser or facial cleanser

The next step after make up remover is a cleanser. After the make-up on the face has been removed, you need to clean the skin again with a facial cleanser. Use cleanser as the second night skincare sequence.

This is useful to ensure that no more dirt, oil, or cosmetic residue is left on the facial skin. Make sure you use a clean cleanser.

 Ini urutan skincare malam yang benar. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

3. Exfoliate or facial scrub

Cleansing facial skin with exfoliation or facial scrubs can complete the stages of using facial skincare at night. Dead skin cells on the face will be lifted.

Use an exfoliation or facial scrub as the third night skincare sequence.

However, the use of this exfoliation should not be done every day, just once a week is enough.

4. Toner

Toner generally also contains various active ingredients with their own uses. Some of them are glycerin to keep the skin moisturized, herbal and flower extracts as antioxidants, and niacinamide for bright skin. Use toner as the fourth night skincare sequence.

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5. Facial Serum

After toner, facial serum is the next step in skin care at night. Facial serum has the function of moisturizing and smoothing the skin on the face. Use facial serum as the fifth night skincare sequence.

6. Eye Cream

Not only facial skin, care for the area around the eyes must also be considered, we often have panda eyes because there are black eye bags every day.

You can use Eye Cream for skin health. Use eye cream as a night skincare order the sixth.

7. Night cream and sleeping mask

Night creams have a similar function to moisturizers. Use night cream as the seventh night skincare sequence. Night cream or sleeping mask Can be used in your morning skincare routine too.

However, these skin care products have an additional role, namely, fading black spots or blemishes and disguising wrinkles on the face.

So, that’s the order of night skincare, don’t get the wrong order and product! (OL-1)


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