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Visit Asahan, Deputy Minister Reminds the Importance of Downstreaming Through BUMD | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Wamentan), Harvick Hasnul Qolbi reminded the importance of downstreaming agricultural products to the presence of local governments in encouraging farmers to maintain their agricultural land.

This was conveyed after attending the Human Resources Improvement through Debriefing for Farmers’ Groups and Breeders’ Groups at the Asahan Regent’s Office Hall, Jalan Lintas Sumatra, Kisaran, Friday (16/9/2022).

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Harvick conveyed that the downstreaming of agriculture to become tabletop or ready-to-use products is very important because it provides added value for the region, especially farmers. For this reason, local governments are asked to encourage the community to utilize and form regional enterprises (BUMD) whose core businesses are agriculture and food.

“I see that the development of the agricultural sector in North Sumatra is quite good. Yes, we have to be optimistic, although some regencies/cities may sometimes not receive the information, that’s why we continue to push it so that the downstream works well. it will be difficult. So like it or not, we will use BUMD,” he said.

Through BUMD, continued Harvick, investors can enter without worrying too much about existing regulations. According to the Deputy Minister, the existence of one company for one local government is important to overcome the problem of falling prices when production increases.

“With the existence of BUMD investors can enter without worrying too much because they do not use APBD funds, which have many provisions that must be met, but if it is B to B with BUMD. God willing, it can be faster. Not cutting or violating the rules, but we want to adjust it faster because Unfortunately, at this time our economic growth is fast. Thus, what is expected by the President Jokowi guarantee that the agricultural production process to the finished product downstream can be realized,” he said.

In addition, Harvick also reminded the government to be able to assist and encourage farmers to be able to defend their agricultural land. “This is also important, how can farmers defend their agricultural land,” he said.

Harvick also gave his appreciation to the North Sumatra Provincial Government for being aggressive in improving the economy through increasing agricultural commodities. “I see the North Sumatra provincial government and its regencies/cities are quite aggressive, even in our place at the Ministry of Agriculture, there are a lot of regional heads who come asking for cooperation with the center,” he said.

In response to this, the Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) of North Sumatra, Musa Rejakshah said to encourage farmers to maintain their agricultural land, his party made various programs to encourage farmer groups, farmer groups through related agencies.

“Through related agencies to districts/cities, we create programs for farmer groups to be established, live and develop. Not only do we provide assistance, but we also control whether our assistance is successful or not, then we will also help with marketing later through BUMD which Yes, we currently have a BUMD for a rice mill that implements the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS),” said the man who is familiarly called Ijeck.

Ijeck also reminded that regional heads can encourage farmer groups, farmer groups in their respective areas to increase their production through various innovations so that they are not only sold in the local market but also internationally. “We hope that our agricultural products will not only be marketed in the local market but also exported,” he said.

Ijeck admitted that the presence of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Asahan was an encouragement for the provincial and district/city governments to improve agricultural production. “Hopefully it’s not the only time you come to North Sumatra, we hope you can come often because other regencies/cities await your presence here,” said Ijeck.

Meanwhile, Asahan Regent Surya said Asahan Regency has huge agricultural potential. Where the area of ​​​​rice fields in Asahan Regency reaches 8,299 Ha, with the achievement of rice production in 2021 of 73,525.85 tons with a productivity level of 56.62 Kwintal / Ha.

“This still has to be improved to achieve food self-sufficiency in Asahan Regency. In addition to rice fields, Asahan Regency has the potential for smallholder plantation areas of 103,375.01 Ha consisting of oil palm, cocoa, rubber and coconut areas plus horticultural plantation areas. In addition to the food and horticulture sectors, there is a livestock sector in Asahan which also has quite good potential,” he said.

During the event, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture handed over rice seed assistance for 20 thousand hectares of rice fields to the Asahan Regency Agriculture Office, 4,000 red bananas for the farmer groups, 6,145 kg of rice aid, 20,000 kg of fertilizer assistance, carp seed assistance and feed assistance. fish.

After carrying out a series of activities at the Asahan Regent’s official residence hall, the event continued with a review of the Barangan banana nursery of PT. Hijau Surya Biotechindo in Sei Renggas Village, West Kisaran City District.

Also present were the Deputy Regent of Asahan, Taufik Zainal Abidin, the Commander of the Regional Military Command I/Bukit Barisan Major General TNI Achmad Daniel Chardin, North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Panca Putra Simanjuntak, Asahan Police Chief AKBP Roman Smaradhana Elhaj, and other Forkopimda Asahan.



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