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Viral Police in Central Kalimantan Extortion Asks for Fuel Ration | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Member Police Waters (Polair) in West Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan, with the initials Aipda D is suspected of committing illegal levies, in the form of asking for oil fuel rations (BBM) on the ship. Aipda D has been detained for examination.

“We have secured individual persons for examination by the Propam ranks. If there is a violation, we will certainly take action,” said Kobar Deputy Chief of Police Kompol Wihelmus Helky in Pangkalan Bun, Sunday (11/9). Quoted from Antara.

Wihelmus apologized to the shipping company and the public for the incident and the noise caused by the incident.

The video of the Kobar Polres Polres member has gone viral on social media. Aipda D was suspected of extortion by asking for fuel oil on the ship.

The location of the incident in the two-minute video took place in the Kumai District, West Kotawaringin Regency.

“The Kobar Polres Satpolair has also held a meeting with the ship’s side to provide clarification and discuss the issue as a communication misunderstanding,” said West Kotawaringin Police Chief AKBP Bayu Wicaksono.

He warned his staff not to commit violations in carrying out their duties, especially if the behavior damaged the image of the institution.

“Our leaders are very firm and always emphasize to members not to commit violations. And if members are found to have damaged the image of the institution, we will immediately follow up firmly,” Bayu explained.



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