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Viral Cowboy Road on Jagorawi Toll Road, This is What the Police Say | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A black Toyota Fortuner driver allegedly pointed a gun-like object at the Toyota Avanza driver.

The moment was recorded by another road user and the video went viral on social media.

As seen on instagram account @kabarnegri. The black Toyota Fortuner car drove in the rightmost lane of the toll road. Seen, the driver was about to overtake the Toyota Avanza on the left, but failed.

The driver of the Toyota Fortuner slowed down, then changed lanes. The Toyota Avanza is on the right side.

When he managed to keep up, the driver seemed to open the window and point a gun-like object at the Toyota Avanza Hitam.

Informed by the account owner, the incident occurred on the Jagorawi Toll Road in the direction of Bogor heading to Jakarta on Sunday (18/9) at 14:42 WIB.

Regarding this incident, Kainduk PJR Jagorawi Toll Road AKP Budi explained that his party was still waiting for the party who felt aggrieved to make a report. police (LP).

“We are still waiting to determine the place where it happened. If there are parties who have been harmed or victims of the incident, we will follow up,” he said when contacted, Monday (19/9).

Budi said that until now there has been no report from the victim to the police.

“Until now, there have been no victims or who feel aggrieved to report the incident,” he said.

Reporter: Ady Anugrahadi/Liputan6.com



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