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Viral Austrian Caucasians Urinate in Bromo Crater, The Action Makes Residents Angry | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A tourist commits an inappropriate action by urinating into the crater of Mount Bromo. The action was uploaded on Instagram to reap a lot of criticism from netizens.

The video was uploaded on the Instagram account. @hometown.earth, before being deleted. The bio of the account says the tourist is from Vienna, Austria.

The Bromo Tengger National Park Center (BB TNBTS) expressed its concern over the incident. The action was considered to have injured Mount Bromo, which is sacred by the Tengger Tribe.

“Concerned, disappointed and regretful over the incident or behavior by the tourists. Apart from being unethical because urinating in any place, it also injures the sacredness of the location that is respected by the Tenggerese people,” said Syarif Hidayat, Head of Sub-Section of Data Evaluation Reporting and Public Relations of Bromo Tengger National Park. Semeru (TNBTS), Wednesday (14/9).

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Syarif said that the Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru area apart from being an exotic area, is also purified or respected by the Tengger people. The area should be protected as part of the local wisdom of the local community.

“Visitors or anyone who visits the location should uphold and respect the sacredness of the locations in Bromo and its surroundings,” he said.

Syarif said he would try to make educational efforts both through social media and others. So that it is expected to add insight to visitors or tourists.

Meanwhile, the account owner has apologized, in addition to taking down the video. The request was submitted in a status upload on Instagram.

“Please Forgive Us. Dear People of Indonesia and especially Tengger Tribe, we need to apologize!” he wrote.



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