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VIDEO: Profile of Panglima Jilah, Leading the Red Army One Command Guard Jokowi | merdeka.com


womidea.com – The leader of the Tariu Borneo Bangkule Rajakng (TBBR) Red Troop, Panglima Jilah, said his group was ready to protect Indonesia. Not only that, Panglima Jilah also stated a command to guard Jokowi. This was conveyed by Pangalangok Jilah or Panglima Jilah TBBR, Agustinus at a grand meeting of the Red Troops at the Rajakng House in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

The man who was born on August 19, 1980 is the grandson of a commander who was highly respected during the royal era. Therefore Panglima Jilah is highly respected and admired, especially on the island of Borneo. He also mastered traditional Dayak martial arts and had supernatural powers.


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