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Vice President Ma’ruf: Don’t Preach for Fame and Self Interest | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – vice President Ma’ruf Amin advised, so that the preacher strengthens the faith of the people. Because according to him, preaching is not just for fame and self-interest.

“So that the purpose of da’wah is for the sake of Islam and seeking the pleasure of Allah. Not for glory, fame, and self-interest,” said Ma’ruf when receiving the Al-Ittidiyah organization at the Vice President’s Palace, JakartaWednesday (14/9).

He also hopes that the quality of da’wah in Indonesia needs to be improved. One of them is by increasing the concept of preaching to attract fans in the current era.

“It is important to strengthen, firstly, piety Islamiyah. Seeing the frequency of da’wah today is quite busy. Looking at Youtube, there are many people preaching, in mosques and assemblies,” he explained.

“The volume is quite a lot, but what needs to be improved is the quality and content according to the tastes, desires, and ways so that the fans are now,” he said.

Ma’ruf said that the way of delivering da’wah should not be too textual. Need a little more description to give a clear picture.

“There are a lot of (da’wah) numbers. Some are fast and some are slow, but what is more important is to improve the Da’i or the preacher,” he said.



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