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Usually used as vegetables, it turns out that broccoli is also delicious as chips for snacks | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – For those who are accustomed to eating broccoli, this one vegetable is usually cooked as a complementary meal with other side dishes, so that the nutritional content is more balanced. However, who would have thought that broccoli was also delicious as a snack.

More precisely, this broccoli is also delicious to be made into a crunchy and savory snack. This is what Dapoer Aunt Alan did. Original culinary business Jakarta This time, managed to turn broccoli into delicious chips to attract many customers.

Really Use Real Broccoli

Some people may doubt when they hear broccoli can be made into chips for the first time. People might think that the broccoli is mashed first, then mixed with flour and made into a crispy dough that can be fried.

It’s not like that. Dapoer Tante Alan actually made these broccoli chips from real, dehydrated broccoli. This process causes the liquid content in broccoli to evaporate, without losing the nutritional content in it.

Uniquely, when eaten the sensation becomes different. No longer soft like eating broccoli vegetables in general, but actually crunchy like eating chips properly.

Seasoned with Natural Spices

┬ęSweet and Delicious/Dapoer Aunt Alan

Considering that broccoli itself tastes bland, Dapoer Tante Alan also seasons these vegetables with various spices. Interestingly, Dapoer Tante Alan uses spices as a seasoning, so that the taste is more natural and safe for anyone to eat.

This spice is what makes these broccoli chips even more delicious when eaten. The taste is really able to arouse the taste buds, until unconsciously the tongue sways to eat continuously until there is nothing left.

Can Last Up To 12 Months

Although made from natural ingredients, these broccoli chips can last up to 12 years if they have not been opened at all. This is because the process is carried out hygienically and safely, so it can maintain its quality for a long time.

Each pack of broccoli chips is priced at IDR 28,500, in a 70 gram package. In addition, in order to maintain the quality of its products so that they remain safe in the hands of customers, Dapoer Tante Alan still provides babable wrap packages, whether for orders of one pack up to seven packs.

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