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Merdeka.com – Buying a used smartphone or cellphone is an alternative for a few people who want to upgrade their device. Not infrequently also buy a used cellphone that is a flagship. However, buying a used cellphone is not without risks.

Used cellphones seem to be more vulnerable to being faced with fraud or other types of crime. Therefore, if you want to buy a used cellphone, let’s first look at tips on buying an anti-cheat second hand cellphone according to gadget observer Lucky Sebastian:

Make sure the HP body is smooth

If you buy offline and you can hold the unit, pay attention to the physical parts, are they still smooth, there is no deformation of the shape, the buttons can be pressed, there are no bloated parts at the back, and there is no color change. The screen is as smooth as possible, without any cracks or deep scratches. This can show how previous HP users used the unit, whether well and carefully or arbitrarily. Shape deformation such as dents, dents, should be avoided because of the possibility that the cellphone has fallen or been hit hard. When buying online, ask for photos from various sides or choose a seller that displays photos of the original HP, not photos of marketing products.

Hardware Function Test

HP hardware functions should be tested, most cellphones can be tested by pressing the #0# button on the phone and pressing the ok button. This will test parts, such as whether there are dead pixels on the screen, the reaction to finger touch, and the quality of the speakers and microphone. In addition, testing can also use applications that are widely available in the application store.

Prioritize those who are still under warranty

If possible, buy a cellphone that still has a warranty and a receipt. Make sure it is complete with the original box that matches the IMEI number and serial number, as well as the completeness of the default accessories. This helps us get goods that are officially owned by the seller, lest we buy cellphones that have been stolen, for example stolen, which has the potential to make us need to deal with the authorities one day, or whose units can be blocked. The warranty helps if during use there is a problem and the repair can be claimed immediately at an authorized service center.

Buy Official Unit

Buy a unit that is officially sold in Indonesia, unless we want a cellphone that is not sold in Indonesia. Because our country has implemented IMEI restrictions, make sure the IMEI number is registered on the imei.kemenperin.go.id site so you don’t get units that can be blocked one day.

Avoid Buying Old Cell Phones

As much as possible do not buy HP that is too old from the time of release. This is to avoid a battery that is too weak, if it has never been officially replaced, or an OS that is no longer updated, thus allowing some important applications that we need to no longer run on the OS and also regarding the security side of the device.

Pay attention to the price, adjust to the budget

Currently, we can easily check the prices of second hand devices on e-commerce. Don’t be tempted or be extra careful with items that are sold too cheaply. Get to know the device properly, don’t get a knock off series or a clone, and make sure to avoid being scammed.

Request Guarantee from Seller

Ask for a personal guarantee to anticipate if there is a problem in a limited time when we use the second cellphone. In online purchases, save the buying and selling chat for proof if one day it is needed.

Well, those are 7 tips for buying a used cellphone from Lucky Sebastian for all of us. Always remember to prioritize the originality of the device, don’t be deceived and use fake devices. Get to know the cellphone you want to buy, and enjoy the experience of using your dream cellphone.

Reporter: Dinda Khansa Berlian



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