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Using Premium Ingredients, Macharoni Schotel in Jakarta is Sprinkled with Cheese | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – More and more culinary businesses are developing in Jakarta lately, making food hunting so much easier. In addition, it also makes it easier for consumers to determine the choice of a more favorite flavor.

An easy example is the shcotel macharoni. In Jakarta, of course, there are many culinary businesses that sell it. However, in order to attract consumers, each offers different advantages.

Well, for people who like to eat macharoni schotel with a generous sprinkling of cheese, then you can choose Yoi Baked Goods. Why?

Made from Premium Ingredients

Not without reason, why this shcotel macharoni made by Yoi Baked Goods is loved by many customers. The taste is delicious, it turns out that it comes from the selection of premium raw materials.

From the macaroni used, Yoi Baked Goods ensures the highest quality. With experienced cooking skills, Yoi Baked Goods then cooks it to the perfect level of doneness.

When eaten not too soft or hard. The taste is even more perfect because a sprinkling of premium cheese which is also used in making this schotel macharoni is used in an abundant composition.

As a result, when you eat it, the taste of the cheese in this macharoni schotel made by Yoi Baked Goods is felt in every bite. Especially when eaten hot, the pleasure is getting doubled.

Not Just Cheese and Macaroni

┬ęSweet and Delicious/Yoi Baked Goods

Although cheese and macaroni are the main ingredients, in fact this schotel macharoni made by Yoi Baked Goods is also equipped with other ingredients that can make the taste even more perfect.

There’s premium sausage, lots of bacon, and bechamel sauce on top. These high-quality ingredients can make the taste of this schotel macharoni level up.

In fact, when you eat it, the pleasure is as if you are eating an expensive meal at a luxurious five-star restaurant. With a size of 20×20 cm, Yoi Baked Goods sells this macharoni schotel for IDR 185,000. The price is comparable to the quality of taste offered.

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