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Using Candles, How to Iron Pleated Skirts for Maximum Neatness | Dream.co.id

Using Candles, How to Iron Pleated Skirts for Maximum Neatness |  Dream.co.id

Always feel like you don’t have clothes even though your closet is full, curious about why?

Dream – Various tops, pants, skirts, scarves, pashmina, hijab, are in the closet. There are many models, cuts and colors. When we have to travel out of town or attend an official event, confusion ensues.

Usually comes the thought, do not have clothes that fit and fit for the event. This may often be experienced Dream Friends, when you see the contents of the cupboard.

Citayam Fashion Week location will be moved, where is it?

The effect is, we are always shopping for new clothes and the closet is getting full. It turns out that this is the main trigger.

Changed personal style
When your personal style doesn’t match your wardrobe, your wardrobe is full of clothes you don’t want to wear. Personal style and needs determine the type of clothing you need.

For example, when you work in a company environment with formal dress requirements, you will have a lot of formal clothes. When you change to a new job with casual clothes, you will find it difficult to choose the clothes.

To overcome this, when you are shopping for new clothes, keep two things in mind. First, choose an outfit that can be made in three different styles. Second, whether this item will be suitable for various occasions, such as casual and formal looks. Having clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways is a basic principle of having versatile clothes.


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