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US Imposing Sanctions on Iranian Sharia Police Over Mahsa Amini’s Death | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The United States (US) government imposed sanctions on police Iranian law for the “cruel and violent treatment” of Iranian women and demonstrators. This sanction was imposed after the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who was arrested by sharia police for violating the dress code.

Mahsa was allegedly beaten by sharia police during his arrest, which caused him to fall into a coma and die last week. The incident sparked protests across Iran. But the Iranian government deployed its troops and allegedly carried out acts of violence that left six demonstrators dead.

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on the Sharia police as well as seven leaders of Iranian security organizations.

The department views Iranian security organizations “routinely use violence to suppress peaceful protesters and members of Iranian civil society, political dissidents, women’s rights activists, and members of Iran’s Baha’I community.”

“Mahsa Amini was a brave woman whose death was in custody Police Morality is an act of brutality by Iranian security forces against its own people,” US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

“We condemn this immoral act in the strongest terms and call on the Iranian government to end its violence against women and its ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression and assembly,” Janet continued.

The sanctions imposed are aimed at freezing the assets of Iranian individuals and organizations making it illegal for US citizens to deal with them.

Meanwhile, at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), US President Joe Biden expressed his support for the Iranian people.

“I am with the brave citizens and brave women of Iran who are currently demonstrating to secure their human rights,” he said.

The Iranian government denies Amini was mistreated in detention.

According to the Head Police Tehran, Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi, Amini were detained for wearing tight pants and wearing the hijab incorrectly.

“Charges of cowardice have been leveled against the police, which we will honor until judgment day, but is it possible to shut down public safety?” Rahimi said.

Due to the many “false accusations” circulating, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) asked Iranian courts to prosecute people who spread fake news and rumours.

“We have asked the courts to identify those who spread fake news and rumors on social media as well as on the streets and who endanger the psychological safety of the people and to deal with them decisively,” the IRGC said.

Intern Reporter: Theofilus Jose Setiawan [pan]

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