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Upset by Unsanctioned Relationships, Men in Cikarang Make Scenarios of Kidnapping & Holding OTK | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A man in Pasirgombong Village, North Cikarang Sub-district, Bekasi Regency has caused a stir among residents and the world of social media. Because the man with the initials MF (27), claimed to be a victim of kidnapping, confinement and abuse by unknown people.

To convince residents and netizens, MF made a false report to the Cikarang Police. In front of investigators, he admitted to being a victim of kidnapping, confinement and mistreatment until he was dumped in the Sukabumi area on Wednesday (13/9).

Based on the false report submitted by MF, the persecution he experienced began when he was eating in Lemahabang, North Cikarang when suddenly a group of people who claimed to be members came to visit him.

MF then admitted that he was led into a car and taken to a shophouse. Inside the shop, he was held captive and mistreated by unknown persons and then exiled in the Sukabumi area.

The Head of Cikarang Police, Kompol Mustakim, said that MF’s lies were exposed after the parties police who received a direct report on the crime scene. After further investigation, it turned out that the kidnapping, torture and confinement cases never occurred.

“The personnel who were on duty at that time immediately served and checked the scene of the case, until a report was made. After further investigation, the incident was not true,” he said, Friday (16/9).

What actually happened, he said, was that MF was beaten by a number of men and his girlfriend’s family who live in Kedungwaringin District, Bekasi Regency. The beating occurred because MF was still determined to have a relationship with his girlfriend even though it was not approved.

“It was true that the beating took place, but it was not beaten by unknown people and kidnapped. The person who abused was the family of his girlfriend in question, assisted by his friends,” said Mustakim.

MF deliberately made a false report to police because he was hurt because he was mistreated and his relationship was not approved by his girlfriend’s family. He admitted to uploading the fake story to social media at the encouragement of his friend.

“He made a false report at the Cikarang Police that he had been kidnapped, held captive until he was tortured and dumped in Sukabumi, and his reporting went viral on social media. His motive was because his relationship was not approved by his lover’s family,” said Mustakim.

MF, who has made a scene, is not subject to criminal sanctions. However, he was sentenced to be obliged to report to the Cikarang Police.



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