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Up in arms! Amazon Fish Found During Garut Flood

Up in arms!  Amazon Fish Found During Garut Flood

Selebtek.voice.com – There is a post-flood video Garut which went viral on Saturday (16/7/2022). The video shows a giant fish, possibly Arapaima Gigas, which residents found after the flood receded.

Video uploaded to Instagram @inforesponarat, the discovery of this fish occurred in the Cipejeuh area, near Dayeuhandap, Garut, West Java.

“Heboh! A fish washed ashore and was found by residents after Garut flood 15/07/22,” wrote the narration in the video.

“From the description of the video uploader, the fish was stranded and found by residents in the Cipejeuh area near Dayeuhandap, Garut,”

In the video, some pre-adults seem to have difficulty holding the fish. The fish scales are also visible.

For your information, arapaima fish is a freshwater fish that lives in the tropical waters of South America.

The original habitat of this fish is the river valley Amazon. Arapaima fish are predatory fish that can grow up to 3 meters and weigh 200 kilograms.

In Indonesia, this fish is often kept by predatory fish hobbyists. However, this type of fish is prohibited from being cultivated.

The reason is because Arapaima fish can disrupt the freshwater fish ecosystem in Indonesia. The discovery of this type of fish did not only occur in Garut, some time ago in Aceh the discovery of this fish was also not a public scene.


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