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Typical of Bangka, it’s delicious to know how come this can be found in Jakarta! | Dream.co.id

Typical of Bangka, it’s delicious to know how come this can be found in Jakarta!  |  Dream.co.id

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In addition to the typical Bangka chicken noodles, this area still has many other authentic snacks that you really must try. Especially now that authentic snacks from Bangka can be found in various cities, including Jakarta.

One of them is knowing why. Not only the name is iconic, you know why this also has a taste that is no less unique. Among the tofu sellers, how delicious and of course typical of Bangka in Jakarta, there is outu.id which is a must try. Why?

Guaranteed Halal

© Sweet and Delicious/outu.id

For the general public in Indonesia, halal food is a priority before starting to eat it. Well, this outu.id ensures that the tofu dish that is made from Bangka is guaranteed to be halal.

The ingredients used are purely non-pork, because they use chicken, fish and other halal ingredients. Likewise with the process, outu.id ensures that it is carried out according to Islamic law, so it can be eaten by all people.

Quality Raw Materials

In addition to being halal, the quality of the raw materials selected by outu.id is also guaranteed for all of its quality. The ingredients are ensured to be the best and still fresh, in order to be able to produce a quality taste.

The tofu itself is made from tofu, mackerel, fish balls, chicken gravy, tauco sauce, and fried onions. These ingredients are very well created, so that they are able to satisfy customers when they eat them.

Sold in Frozen Packages

Sweet and Delicious/outu.id© Sweet and Delicious/outu.id

How come this Taku itself is more delicious when eaten hot. That’s why outu.id sells it in frozen packaging. One package contains four tofu, eight fukien and eight fish balls.

Included in the package are chicken gravy, tauco sauce, fried onions and spring onions. All the ingredients are so complete, so just heat it up without the need for additional ingredients.

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