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Two Students Killed When A Truck Is Not Strong Uphill | merdeka.com

Two Students Killed When A Truck Is Not Strong Uphill |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Two students in Subulussalam City, Aceh, Muhammad Fattah Habibillah (17) and Ade Ogi Setiawan (17) residents of Danau Paris District, Aceh Singkil Regency, died in a traffic accident.

The two students were crushed by a truck that was not strong enough to climb on the Aceh Singkil-Subulussalam national road, to be precise in the Lae Motong Village area, Penanggalan District, Subulussalam City, yesterday.

Kasatlantas Polres Subulussalam Iptu Irwansyah, said the truck was a Mitsubishi Colt Diesel type numbered police BM 9255 PO. The car was driven by Susandi (46), a resident of Deli Serdang, North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“The car was driving on an uphill road, but in the middle it could no longer go uphill and overturned,” he said, Sunday (24/7).

He explained, two students riding a motorcycle with the police number BL 4985 RK, right behind the car.

The truck driver who was carrying a load of groceries tried to swerve to the left, but the car overturned and hit the two victims.

“The victim could not escape,” he said.

The two students, said Iptu Irwansyah, died at the scene. Meanwhile, the truck driver and his assistant have been detained by the police for further investigation.

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