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Turning Insecure into Gratitude

Turning Insecure into Gratitude

Poptren.voice.comInsecure is a condition in which a person feels insecure, anxious, or doubtful. Often feelings insecure appears among adolescents and adults. Everyone can feel insecure without exception.

Flavor insecure can make a person jealous or consider himself lacking. This can have a negative effect on their lives. Someone easy insecure will not live happily.

Quoted from yoursay.idflavor insecure can be eliminated by changing one’s mindset. Even a good mindset can make you feel insecure be grateful.

1. Make peace with your own shortcomings

One of the reasons a person becomes insecure, because they cannot come to terms with their own shortcomings. They keep blaming their flaws and hope they can be eliminated.

The first thing to do is to come to terms with your own shortcomings. Understand what weaknesses you have. Try to fix it. Don’t even bother with your weaknesses.

2. Understand that everyone has their own strengths

Must be an easy person insecure because they often see the advantages of others. They can’t see the strengths that exist in themselves and only focus on seeing the strengths of others. This is what makes you insecure.

Everyone has their own advantages. Remember those words. Understand that you also have advantages that others do not have. You just need to focus on your abilities without being jealous of other people’s abilities.

3. Be Yourself

A person who tries to become someone else will definitely experience insecure. This is natural, because basically everyone is different. You don’t have to imitate other people just to get recognition. It even makes you insecure.

You just have to be yourself and appear as you are. Don’t pay attention to what other people say to you. If you can be completely yourself, your life will be free from insecurity.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Often comparing yourself to others will make you insecure unconscious. You only focus on seeing other people’s strengths and looking down on yourself.

You have to get rid of this habit so you don’t feel insecure. Why do you compare yourself when humans are created differently. You just need to focus on yourself. Free your mind by thinking about other people’s lives.

Don’t forget to be grateful today, okay? bestie.


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