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Tricks to Make a Glowing and Dimensional Face with the Right Use of Highlights | Dream.co.id

Tricks to Make a Glowing and Dimensional Face with the Right Use of Highlights |  Dream.co.id

Applying the wrong highlights can make your face look oily.

Dream – Actually, you only need extra moisturizing makeup and skincare products to make your makeup or facial look glowing.

But unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for using extra moisturizing products. Oily and sensitive skin will be very uncomfortable when using these types of products.

Using highly moisturizing products on oily skin can make makeup break down more easily. So, oily skin should use a product with a matte formula so that the makeup feels more comfortable and lasts longer.

Using a product with a matte or dry finish doesn’t mean you can’t make your face glow. You can make your face glow by using highlights. Of course, the method of application must also be considered.

The TikTok account @ Pujiantarimakeup which is owned by Makeup Artist (MUA) with more than 34 thousand followers suggests placing highlights on the highest areas of the face. Usually, these areas are most easily reflected or exposed to light. So, it often makes the face look glowing.

© TikTok @ Pujiantarimakeup

Photo: TikTok @ Pujiantarimakeup

The highest angles of the face are at the cheekbones, the center of the chin, the bridge of the nose, below the corners of the eyebrows, and the forehead. Apply a little highlight using a fan brush or fingers to make it more natural. Don’t forget to flatten the highlights to give a natural glowing effect.

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MUA Beyonce’s Flawless Under Eye Area Lock

Dream – Eye makeup is often the most difficult part. The eye area tends to be smaller than the rest of the face. The skin around the eyes is also thinner and more sensitive. These two things make the application of makeup products around the eyes to be extra careful and difficult.

Similarly, when you want to do a baking technique using loose or setting powder under the eyes so that the makeup is not easily destroyed. If not applied with the right technique, the baking technique will be in vain. Makeup in the area under the eyes will be more easily destroyed.

Apply the tips shared by the TikTok account @melisekrem so you can lock makeup under your eyes with loose powder and the right technique.

The first thing to pay attention to is the product formula. Make sure the loose powder used is a light formula so that it is suitable for the skin in the eye area.

“If you want a flawless under eye area that doesn’t break easily, these are tips from Beyonce’s Makeup Artist (MUA), Sir John. Because the skin in the under-eye area is thin, she chooses to lock her makeup with loose powder,” said the owner. account.

John also revealed how to find out which loose powder formula is light or heavy. Just open the product packaging and try blowing the powder.

MUA Beyonce's Eye Makeup Tricks© TikTok @melisekrem

Photo: TikTok @melisekrem

Powder granules that quickly fall to the floor when blown indicate that the formula is heavy. But if it stays in the air for a long time, it means that the loose powder has a light formula.

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How to apply loose powder under the eyes

Eye Makeup Tricks© TikTok @melisekrem

Photo: TikTok @melisekrem

Apply loose powder with a light formula using a foundation brush to lock in under-eye makeup. Remove the rest of the makeup on the brush so it is not too cakey when applied.

After that, gently pat the bottom of the brush in the under-eye area so that the amount of product used is controlled. Finally, brush the remaining product under the eyes using the edge of the brush.

You also get long-lasting makeup without making makeup look cakey and actually making it break more easily.


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