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Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia Team Wins 2022 Sprint Rally Indonesia National Championship

Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia Team Wins 2022 Sprint Rally Indonesia National Championship

AFTER going through a fairly positive start to the year with the Touring racing division which is currently still leading the standings and Slalom which continues to reach the podium, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia (TGRI) Rally racing division successfully won first place in the inaugural racing season of the 2022 Sprint Rally National Championship (Kejurnas) in the most prestigious class, namely M1 (Sedan 4WD) category A in rounds 1 and 2 which took place at the Indonesian Navy’s Puslatker circuit in Bedali Lawang, Malang, East Java on 21 – 24 July 2022.

“Congratulations to all the drivers and the TGRI team. I am very happy that the performance of the GR Yaris, which was born from the WRC world rally racing event, was able to support the TGRI team to dominate in the opening series of one of the most prestigious national racing events, namely the 2022 Sprint Rally Indonesia National Championship, well,” said Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor. (TAM) Anton Jimmi Suwandy.

The positive results in this opening match cannot be separated from the skills of TGRI racers Ryan Nirwan and Adi Indiarto in maximizing the performance of the GR Yaris hot hatch which has been overhauled in accordance with AP4 regulations. By relying on a car with motorsport DNA which last year succeeded in pairing the WRC racer and constructor championship titles, the GR Yaris AP4 driven by Ryan Nirwan and co-driver Adi Indiarto accelerated from the start.

The ‘hot hatchback’ is capable of supporting the TGRI rally drivers when it bulldozes the 5.2 kilometer gravel track with excellent handling and engine performance that successfully led the TGRI team to record the fastest time.

In the first round, Saturday (23/7), the TGRI team managed to achieve the fastest time of 04:43.7 in Special Stage 1 (SS1) and 04:34.5 in SS2. This positive achievement continued into the second round the following day, Sunday (24/7), which made Ryan and Adi again record the fastest time of 04:27.3 in SS1 and 04:24.4 in SS2. As a result, the TGRI team managed to secure the first place.

“Thank you for the full support provided by the TGRI team, starting from the process with the TGRI team and supported by the performance of the GR Yaris AP4, we will continue to develop the GR Yaris AP4 until preparations throughout the race, so that we can conquer the 5.2 kilometer long track. very challenging. trying to be consistent to win the national title this season, “said Ryan Nirwan. (S-4)


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