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To Avoid Speculation, Police Prioritize Scientific Proof of Brigadier J’s Case | merdeka.com

To Avoid Speculation, Police Prioritize Scientific Proof of Brigadier J’s Case |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Head of the National Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Police Dedi Prasetyo, said the agency continues to strengthen the scientific evidence process in investigating the shooting case of Brigadier J by Bharada E at the official residence of the Head of the Propam Division, Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo, to avoid speculation.

“To avoid speculation that is analogous to without being supported by scientific evidence and not someone who is an expert in their field. That will only make things worse,” said Prasetyo in his statement at JakartaSunday (17/7).

Regarding this case, the National Police Chief, Police General Listyo S Prabowo has formed a special team that combines internal and external. In this case, the team puts forward a scientific crime investigation approach.

He also explained the process of scientific evidence carried out police. In this case, forensic medicine continues to work on finalizing the autopsy results. Later, the forensic laboratory was conducting ballistic tests of projectiles, shells and firearms in the incident.

“At the scene of the crime, Inafis will conduct a crime scene investigation to find DNA fingerprints, measure the distance and angle of the shot, CCTV, cellphones, and others,” he said.

In parallel, the Directorate of General Crimes of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police also examined a number of witnesses and provided assistance to the investigative team from the South Jakarta Metro Police.

With the whole process of scientific proof, said Prasetyo, it is hoped that the real facts will be revealed. Later, the Police will convey objectively and transparently to the public regarding the handling of this case.

“Please be patient for the team to work. So later the results will be very clear and comprehensive because the evidence speaks scientifically and there is conformity with the results of the examination of the witnesses,” he said.



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