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TNI Members Challenged by Push Up Duel, American Troops Go Unnoticed | Dream.co.id


Seen the moment when one of the TNI soldiers duel push ups with American soldiers

Dreams – The capabilities of the Indonesian army have been recognized internationally. Not only skilled in shooting skills, the physical abilities of TNI members also brought their colleagues from other countries to their knees.

The toughness of the TNI is seen in a video that shows moments of routine Garuda Shield training. The video circulating on social media shows a joint military exercise with a United States soldier (US Army).

Various series of exercises have been carried out in order to develop the ability, trust and form of cooperation with the American army.

© Instagram @rheeno_05

Seen the moment when one of the TNI soldiers push-up duel with American soldiers in the video uploaded by the Instagram account @rheeno_05. These two soldiers are likened to ‘rice VS bread’ when viewed from the staple food of the two countries by the uploader.

“Rice vs bread. Indonesian vs US Army,” wrote the caption in the account upload.

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Who will win?

Instagram @rheeno_05© Instagram @rheeno_05

Curious who managed to win the push up duel?

At the start, the two soldiers looked very compact and seemed to have balanced physical endurance. Both do push ups perfectly even at above average speed.

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Starting to have something tired

Behind the two soldiers was seen the trainer who could only smile watching the greatness of the TNI vs. US Army soldiers.

“Push ups, who wins?” wrote the video uploader, making netizens curious who saw the viral video.

Instagram @rheeno_05© Instagram @rheeno_05

Not long after, the US Army soldiers looked very tired. He also stopped for a moment from the push-up movement. But he was still in a stance and tried to continue the duel.

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Meanwhile, TNI soldiers persisted with push-ups that had been done from the start. Every now and then, the TNI also looks a little rested.

The two soldiers were equally exhausted after doing hundreds of push-ups. But soon, one of the soldiers seemed to be getting tired.

The American army then finally surrendered. Meanwhile, TNI members are still strong in doing push ups. In total, the number of push-ups performed by members of the TNI is also more than that of US troops.


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