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Merdeka.com – The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) together with the National Movement for Digital Literacy Cybercreation held a webinar with the theme “Early Detection of Addictive Gadgets in Children”, yesterday (15/9). This webinar was attended by community groups from various digital communities in DKI Jakarta and Banten.

Muhammad Nur Awaludin, a former game addict who founded the family education platform Fammi.ly, said that using gadgets for children is not justified, let alone used for a long time.

If children are allowed to spend a long time with gadgets, it can lead to addiction. Addiction to the use of gadgets in children can cause many adverse effects on their psychological development and health.

Parents are encouraged to create a child’s home environment that is full of socialization.

“The main thing that causes us not to stop accessing gadgets is boredom, because there are no other activities, so it’s better at home we gather together to chat with all family members so we don’t focus on gadgets,” said Muhammad Nur in his official statement.

According to him, parental control is very important to suppress gadget addiction in children. If you are not old enough, do not give personal gadgets to children. If forced to lend, limit the time. Furthermore, for those who have already given personal gadgets to children, take advantage of the application for monitoring the use of gadgets so that we can see what children are doing with gadgets.

Internet Ethics

Ayu Minarti from Pandu Digital Indonesia invites children to teach internet etiquette to children.

“When using gadgets, we will interact with users from different social and cultural environments. Before giving gadgets to children, first provide an understanding of ethics and a good value system so that their behavior in the internet world is maintained,” he explained.

Ayu also invites parents to apply digital parenting to children who are given gadgets. First, give children an introduction to technology according to their needs. Next, balance the use of devices with more interactive activities at home. Finally, supervise the use of gadgets in children, but still maintain their privacy.

Meanwhile, Aji Sahdi Sutisna, Head of the Information and Communication Technology Volunteer (RTIK) Banten Province, appealed to parents to be good digital parenting. This can be realized by maintaining good communication with children, continuing to learn, using parenting control applications, and being a digital role model by setting a good example for children.

“The main thing that parents do in detecting gadget addiction in children is to use parenting control applications. This application has many and can be downloaded for free. So use it to be able to control and see what they have access to,” said Aji.

To take part in this activity, the public can access info.literasidigital.id or https://literasidigital.id/



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