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TikTok Shop is getting more and more popular with online shopping women | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Social commerce is increasingly popular because it is considered a new option for shopping online while still surfing social media. While on the seller’s side, social commerce allows them to reach a wider range of potential customers. So it’s not surprising that 86 percent of Indonesians have shopped through social media platforms. This figure is based on a survey conducted by Populix.

“Most of the Indonesian people know and have tried shopping through social commerce for daily transactions such as buying clothes and beauty products. Moreover, the rapid trend of social commerce brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has also contributed to the emergence of selling platforms. buying based on social interaction as an alternative choice of shopping medium for the community,” said Timothy Astandu, Co-Founder and CEO of Populix in his statement, Thursday (22/9).

In the survey, it is stated that TikTok Shop is the people’s favorite platform for shopping. As many as 45 percent of respondents said that TikTok Shop is often used for shopping. Followed by WhatsApp as much as 21 percent, then Facebook Shop 10 percent. After that, followed by the 10 percent Instagram Shop.

“The majority of people shop for clothes with an average expenditure of IDR 275,000 per month,” he said.

The public also said they would continue to use the TikTok Shop and Facebook Shop, and consider using the Instagram Shop more in shopping in the future. In terms of users, currently, TikTok Shop is the most widely used medium by women, while WhatsApp and Instagram Shop are mostly used by men aged 36-45 years.

“In the future, TikTok Shop users will continue to be dominated by women, especially those aged 18-25 years in small cities throughout Java. Meanwhile, Instagram Shop will be dominated by consumers with upper SES, and WhatsApp will be used more by the younger generation. older,” he said.

Populix conducted this research on 28 July – 9 August 2022. The survey was conducted online through the Populix application to a total of 1,020 male and female respondents aged 18-55 years in Indonesia. Respondents answered the questions posed in about 15 minutes. The survey questions were packaged in the form of a closed questionnaire with single multiple choice and complex multiple choice formats.



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