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Three Days Disappeared after Crocodile Attack, Farmer’s Body Found Still Intact | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Three days missing, the body of UJ (47) was finally found by a joint team. UJ was previously attacked by a crocodile while taking a bath while cleaning the boat after harvesting palm oil.

The victim was found floating 10 meters from the scene in the Teggulang Air Kalong Strait, Teluk Teggulang Village, Tungkal Ilir District, Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Tuesday (20/9). The condition of his body is still intact but has a bad smell.

The head of the Banyuasin Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Alfian Soleh, explained that the discovery was known by passersby who saw a corpse floating on the riverbank. After being evacuated, the body was UJ who had been wanted for three days.

“Thank God the victim’s body was found this morning, his condition is still intact,” said Alfian.

He admitted, the search for victims encountered many obstacles, such as cloudy water and a fairly swift river current. The victim’s body is thought to have been carried away by the current after the crocodile released it and emerged to the surface.

“We have handed over the body to the family for burial,” he said.

He appealed to people who are active in the river to be more alert to crocodile attacks. Moreover, the river is known for many crocodiles that can attack at any time.

“You need to be careful, don’t do activities alone when you are in the river,” he urged.

It is known that UJ disappeared after being attacked by a crocodile while bathing in the river after harvesting palm oil, Sunday (18/9). The victim took a bath while cleaning his boat on the river bank and was attacked by a crocodile and dragged him into the river.

A friend who witnessed the incident then sought help. However, the first day of the search yielded no results so the report was forwarded to BPBD, policeand local government.



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