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Thousands of Illegal Drugs Seized from the Raid of Three Cosmetics Shops in Tangerang | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The circulation of class G hard drugs, such as Tramadol, Eximer and Teihexypenid without a permit, which are sold by traders under the guise of cosmetic shops, is re-emerging in the Sepatan area of ​​the Tangerang Metro Police. Due to public reports, joint officers raided three cosmetic shops selling hard drugs.

“From the three perpetrators, we have secured evidence of thousands of hard drugs. This is the result of a joint operation by the Sepatan Police, together with the Koramil, Satpol PP, BPOM, Tangerang District Health Sub-dept. and the Tangerang City Police Narcotics Unit,” said the Metro Police Chief. Tangerang, Police Commissioner Zain Dwi Nugroho, Thursday (22/9).

The three sellers of class G drugs, each with the initials MI, I and A. They were secured in their respective cosmetic shops or kiosks. With evidence found in the store in the form of pills Tramadol, Eximer, and Teihexypenid.

“For the evidence that was secured as many as 2,576 Eximer pills, 653 Tramadol pills, 100 Teihexypenid items were secured from the MI suspect, then 756 Eximer pills, 370 Tramadol pills were obtained at kiosk I and 2,000 tramadol pills came from the shop of suspect A, the mode was under the guise of a Cosmetics kiosk. ” he explained.

The three were charged with pharmaceutical practice in accordance with Article 196 junto Article 98 paragraph (2) and paragraph (3) and/or Article 197 junto Article 106 paragraph (1) and/or Article 198 junto Article 108 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health and/or Law – Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 8 of 1999 concerning consumer protection. [cob]

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