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Thousands of Alcohol Bottles in Tasikmalaya are Crushed by Heavy Equipment | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The Tasikmalaya City Government destroyed thousands of bottles of liquor (liquor) resulting from a public disease operation for two days. The destruction was carried out in front of the office of the Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Thursday (22/9).

The Mayor’s Daily Executive who is also the Regional Secretary of Ko Tasikmalaya, Ivan Dicksan said that the amount of liquor destroyed was 2,317 bottles. In addition to alcohol in bottles, there is also plastic packaging. Alcohol is destroyed by being crushed by a heavy roller.

“The liquor destroyed was the result of a two-day raid conducted by the Police Civil Service in September. Raid activities will continue to be carried out, both at the retail level and others,” said Ivan.

Ivan revealed that so far the circulation of liquor, especially the mixed one, entered the City of Tasikmalaya via the southern route. Those who knew about it immediately took steps to reduce the number of liquor circulation.

“The circulation of alcohol is also a threat to Kamtibmas and is often a criminal act. We will continue to conduct raids on the circulation of alcohol, this will move together TNI, Police, Satpol PP and Islamic organizations so that the circulation of alcohol does not circulate in every seller and trader. We also ask the public to play an active role in providing information,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Tasikmalaya City Civil Service Police Unit, Iwan Kurniawan said that the destroyed alcohol was the result of raids on Thursday 15 September and Saturday 17 September 2022. “From those two days, we got more than 2,000 bottles of alcohol,” he said.

The thousands of bottles and plastic alcohol were obtained from a number of locations, from BKR, Unsil, Sukalaya, to Cikurubuk roads. During the raid, it was discovered that the owner of the liquor was not at the location, only his employees and then coaching was carried out.

“According to the Regional Regulation on Values, the circulation of alcohol in the City of Tasikmalaya is prohibited. We will continue to carry out early detection and also rely on information from the public (for its eradication),” he concluded.

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