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This is the Excitement Behind the Action Scene of the Movie Stealing Raden Saleh

This is the Excitement Behind the Action Scene of the Movie Stealing Raden Saleh

Ari Irham and Umay Shahab are two of the six young actors who are the main ensemble in the latest film from Visinema Pictures, Stealing Raden Saleh.

Ari plays Tuk Tuk and Umay plays Gofar. The two are brothers who are tasked with ‘transporting’ matters relating to transportation and logistics in the plan to steal the painting The Arrest of Prince Diponegoro by maestro Raden Saleh.

In the trailer, Ari is seen involved in a car chase scene. Ari and Umay also shared their experiences when shooting a car race scene in the movie Stealing Raden Saleh.

“Wow, that’s really crazy. I’m with Umay. Our faces before the take was already pale. I also tried to convince myself, ‘can it or not, can it or not, let’s do it! That’s a crucial scene that has to be done only twice,” said Ari in an interview with Media Indonesia at the Swiss Bel-Residences Kuningan hotel, South Jakarta, Friday (15/7).

“I screamed to myself to release the adrenaline. In the film, when I was about to crash, I shouted really loudly, ‘Break!’ It’s not an improvement to make it cool, but it’s to release high adrenaline, which makes it difficult to breathe, so you have to expel it through shouting, “added Umay.

Ari, who couldn’t even drive a manual car before production had to learn first, as well as learn drifting. He also had time to learn to drive a manual car with his house security every week.

“So bringing the manual car was my challenge in this film. Since I also act as a getaway driver, I have to drift, and take a truck. Of course there is a workshop first. About five days. Two days to learn to drive a truck, and three days to drift. But at the drift workshop, there were weather problems, rain, which made it very slippery. In the end, I only got one day, and I was able to drift to a turn right away,” said Ari. (M-2)


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