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The weather is getting colder, drinking hot chocolate has many benefits | Dream.co.id

The weather is getting colder, drinking hot chocolate has many benefits |  Dream.co.id

What are the benefits that can be obtained by drinking a cup of this hot chocolate?

Recently the weather has been less erratic, where during the day it is scorching hot, but at night the temperature changes so that the temperature drops. As a result, the cold began to be felt.

The weather is getting colder, for those who live in mountainous areas or highlands. In a situation like this, drinking hot chocolate is the right choice.

Interestingly, in addition to pampering the tongue, a glass of hot chocolate can actually provide a myriad of benefits for the body. This is written in the report of a medical journal from the Netherlands, The Netherlands Journal of Medicine.

The journal states that cocoa beans contain antioxidants called phenolics. Well, this phenolic is known to have many health benefits. Among them are regulating blood pressure, fighting oxidative stress, to premature aging.

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Improve Brain Function

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Behind the delicious taste, chocolate also contains compounds called polyphenols. These compounds are known to help relax blood vessels, so that regional flow and blood supply to the brain increases.

The positive impact, brain function also increases. When used for activities, such as reading or writing, the brain can focus more on work and be more productive.

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Helps Maintain Heart Health

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While in published research British Journal of Nutrition Mention that chocolate contains compounds called flavanols. These compounds play an important role in lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and relaxing arteries.

Thanks to the flavanol content, researchers say that a cup of hot chocolate can help maintain heart health. This vital human organ can also be avoided from the risk of heart attacks to other cardiovascular disorders.

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Make the Mood Better

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The function of flavanols in chocolate also has different benefits. These compounds can improve mood. From what was not good, it can become calmer and create a sense of happiness after drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Not without reason, a cup of hot chocolate is also known to help regulate energy, regulate hunger and make you feel full longer. As a result, the desire to overeat can be prevented, so you don’t gain weight.

Those are some of the benefits of drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Who would have thought, behind the enjoyment, this drink is not only able to warm the body, but also provides more benefits for health. So, have you chased away the cold by drinking a cup of hot chocolate?


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