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The Viral of the Handsome Penghulu Makes the Focus Wrong, Warganet: It’s Very Rare in This Model

The Viral of the Handsome Penghulu Makes the Focus Wrong, Warganet: It’s Very Rare in This Model

Suara.com – If the bride and groom are usually the main focus of the guests who come, this couple is in a different situation. When the consent process takes place, the existence of the leader who married the two actually stole the attention.

Not because of his funny advice, or his quirky appearance. This Penghulu is still young and has a pretty charming face.

Knowing this, one of the invited guests recorded and shared the moment on social media. Unexpectedly, the video uploaded to the Gracefbrty account viral and has been viewed more than 5 million times.

“Salfok with the bride and groom, no, salfok with the headmaster, yes,” Anggun wrote in the video.

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In the upload, he shows the moment when the bride and groom are signing the marriage book. Soon he highlighted the appearance of the penghulu.

Appearing with a formal appearance, the penghulu wears a suit complete with a cap. Unfortunately his face is not so visible because it is covered by a mask.

However, from the look in his eyes, netizens and the owner of this video agree that this man must have a beautiful face. Knowing this, netizens also gave various reactions in the comments column. Someone gave a joke to the bride and commented, “The bride be like: well, just try not to get married.”

“The ordeal was really hard on the first day of marriage,” added another netizen.

Not only that, many netizens also praised the handsome prince. One netizen commented, “It’s been a while since I’ve found a penghulu as cool as this, it’s worth capturing this kind of penghulu.”

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“Just wear a mask, you can see the handsome aura, let alone take off the mask. It’s definitely more subhanallah,” praised one netizen.

Unfortunately, the hopes of the netizens to be side by side with the man had to fail. Because the owner of the video provides a quite striking explanation. He replied, “Yes, that’s right, Mr. Penghulu from KUA Kec. Kalideres is already married, sis.”


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