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The South Sulawesi Regional Police Failed the Circulation of 1 Kg of Methamphetamine in Makassar | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Directorate of Drug Investigation Police The South Sulawesi region revealed the distribution of 1 kilogram of methamphetamine on Jalan Poros Paccerakg Makassar. Apart from illegal goods, police also arrested one person with the initials SLT (37).

Director of Narcotics Investigation of the South Sulawesi Police, Commissioner Dodi Harmawan said that the raid on a house on Jalan Poros Paccerakg, Kaimbang Village, Biringkanaya District, Makassar. From the raid, the police found 20 sachets containing suspected shabu.

“From the 20 sachets, it was found that the total weight was 1,003 grams or 1 kg,” he said in a written statement, Sunday (18/9).

Dodi revealed that the discovery of the distribution of methamphetamine originated from public reports. Based on the report, his party took action by conducting an investigation.

“The disclosure was successfully carried out based on public information reports that at the Poros Paccerakg location there were frequent transactions of large amounts of methamphetamine,” said Dodi.

When the investigation was carried out, his party was accompanied by the South Sulawesi Police Resmob Team to deposit at the location. When raided, a woman opened the gate of her house, then the team went straight into the house and found the SLT man sleeping on the second floor.

“The members then woke him up, then searched the house and managed to find evidence that the SLT man had hidden beside the third floor wall,” continued Dodi.

From the confession of the SLT man called Dodi, the methamphetamine belongs to him which is stored on the third floor and he plans to sell it to the buyer.

“Currently, the perpetrator and the evidence have been secured at the office. The suspect is charged with Article 114 Paragraph (2) Subsidiary to Article 112 Paragraph (2) of the Narcotics Law Number 35 of 2009,” said Dodi.



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