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The Importance of Realizing Competent and Ready-to-Work Human Resources | merdeka.com


womidea.com – The government estimates that 600,000 workers in the information technology sector are required every year. This amount is so difficult to achieve if there is no collaboration between stakeholders. On the other hand, along with the development of the digital industry, qualified HR graduates are also needed.

“Currently, the challenge is more on the quality of our human resources. But it seems that several other countries are also facing this, so it’s not only Indonesia,” said CEO of Decoding, Narendra Wicaksono.

Based on the E-Conomy SEA 2021 report from Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, it is estimated that Indonesia’s gross merchandise value (GMV) will increase significantly from USD 47 billion in 2020 to USD 70 trillion in 2021. It is even estimated that it will be able to reach USD 146 billion in 2025. So Therefore, this opportunity should not be wasted especially for HR development.

The online learning portal, GreatNusa, collaborates with various partners from industry and educational institutions in building Indonesia’s golden generation. Thus, GreatNusa is holding the GreatNusa Conference 2022 with the theme Building Talent Competence for Industry 4.0 Acceleration to create quality human resources.

“Through the lifelong learning ecosystem built by GreatNusa, students can carry out more comprehensive upskilling and reskilling, so that in the future they can create professional talents who are ready to work and digitally capable and also become individuals who dare to be greater,” said COO GreatNusa, Nita Felia Pambudi.

Apart from being supported through self-learning courses, GreatNusa is also collaborating with BINUS in enhancing programs with BINUS Online Learning, organizing events with BINUS University and BINUS Creates, as well as the newest BINUS Point Reward program which was just launched last November 21.

“The collaborative commitment between GreatNusa and BINUS University in creating a lifelong learning ecosystem is a good start in realizing the spirit of independent learning and also creating competent human resources who are ready to work and also produce future Indonesian leaders,” said the Chancellor of Bina Nusantara University, Harjanto Prabowo.

GreatNusa expands its collaboration commitments with various other institutions in JaBoDeTaBek, Jogjakarta, MacassarRiau and Batam, such as Batam International University, Republic of Indonesia Fighters University, Widya Mataram University, Podomoro University, Abdurrab Riau University, Indonesian Fund, PT Satu Ohana Forever, PT Multi Human Cendekia, Adovasz Indonesia, PT Sentra Lintas Cipta, PT Pasifik Cipta Mandiri, MMA Global Indonesia, and Certified Digital Professional Indonesia.

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