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The Filling of the Sides is Abundant, This Grilled Rice in Jakarta Can Make Your Appetite Bump | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Appetite that goes up and down is a normal thing to happen. However, if it is allowed to continue, it will not be good either. If the reason is not because of illness and just mild stress due to busy schedules, for example, it can be overcome by trying a different diet.

If you are tired of eating the same dishes, then you can make a choice by eating delicious grilled rice. In Jakarta, menu one is certainly not difficult to find. However, speaking of which one is the best, the Nasi Bakar made by Toko Amanah is worth considering. Why?

The Filling of the Sides is Abundant

If the grilled rice that is often purchased, for example, has more rice than the side dishes in it, then this will not be found from the menu creations made by Toko Amanah.

The reason is, the grilled rice is jumbo in size with so many side dishes in it. The side dish is a combination of chicken and vegetables cooked together, then wrapped in white rice, then grilled for a fragrant aroma.

Made from Natural Ingredients

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Interestingly, Toko Amanah makes this grilled rice creation using natural and quality ingredients. Of the chicken and vegetables used, selected that are still fresh.

The ingredients are then processed using natural spices as seasonings. Toko Amanah also mixes it with the right amount, so that when you eat it, the delicacy is so complete.

This is of course coupled with cooking skills and years of experience making grilled rice. In fact, the burning process is so perfect that the aroma of banana leaves can be felt from this dish.

The price is very affordable

Despite presenting such a delicious taste, in fact Toko Amanah still sells its homemade grilled rice creations at a relatively affordable price. For food sold in Jakarta and its surroundings, Toko Amanah only sells it for Rp. 15,000.

To make it easier, just order online. Toko Amanah will deliver to consumers between 8-10 am every day. Order easily and conveniently from home through ManisdanSedap.com.

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