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The Delicious Muli Banana Chips Typical of Lampung Now Can Be Enjoyed in Jakarta | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Talking about Lampung culinary that comes to the mind of many people, maybe bananas. True, this area in southern Sumatra is indeed known as the paradise of bananas. Don’t be surprised if the culinary sundries are made from bananas.

One of them is the typical Muli banana chips from Lampung. Typical food, to enjoy it, of course, need to come directly to the original place. However, now this typical Muli banana chips from Lampung can be found in Indonesia Jakarta.

Precisely Presented by Dapoer Aunt Alan

The good news was brought by Dapoer Tante Alan. This culinary business in Jakarta does sell a variety of typical Lampung foods as its flagship product. One of them is the typical Muli banana chips from Lampung.

Like the typical Muli banana chips from Lampung, Dapoer Tante Alan also makes them from real bananas as the raw material, without using any mixed ingredients. The selected bananas are also not arbitrary, but the type of banana that has a sweet taste and is not too soft.

Processed In The Oven For 3 Hours

©Sweet and Delicious/Dapoer Aunt Alan

The banana is then sliced ​​with the right technique. After that the banana slices are baked for 3 hours. Although it looks trivial, it requires precision and foresight during the baking process, so that it doesn’t get too dry.

After the baking process is complete, the banana chips are then packaged hygienically and safely, so that the quality is maintained until it reaches the customer’s hands. Lampung’s typical Muli banana chips are packaged in 100 grams. Per pack is priced at IDR 20,000.

Interested in trying it right away? Don’t worry, Dapoer Tante Alan’s typical Lampung Muli banana chips can be ordered easily from home. One of them is through ManisdanSedap.com.

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