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The Amazing Secrets of the Solar System

The Amazing Secrets of the Solar System

Suara.com – Astronomy is an interesting thing to learn. Learn more about universe, the more aware of the many extraordinary things that are happening. Discovery often raises more questions than answers.

Solar system depicted by a collection of celestial bodies that look mysterious. Its extraordinary existence makes the solar system difficult to explain scientifically. Previously scientists had discovered ice-spewing volcanoes on Pluto.

The solar system is home to all kinds of elusive and confusing phenomena. There are several secrets of the solar system that are being unraveled by scientists. Here are the secrets of the solar system summarized HiTekno.comnetwork Suara.com:

1. Weird Things Are in the Clouds of Venus
The sky of Venus is full of strange and elusive things. Scientists say we can learn a lot from the clouds swarming over our neighboring planet. Astronomers think Venus was once very similar to Earth. Its surface is covered by large lakes and oceans.

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Here are the facts about the planet Venus.

But toxic gases and a warming environment are scorching the planet, turning Venus’s wetlands into arid landscapes. Many questions, whether humans can live on Venus. About thirty miles (fifty kilometers) above the surface of Venus, the temperature and pressure are said to be similar to those on Earth.

In 2023, the company Rocket Lab plans to send robots to look for signs of extraterrestrial life in the Venusian clouds. A California spacecraft company hopes to find a living creature floating for miles above the barren land.

2. Space Storm Shadows Earth
In 2014, scientists noticed a strange vortex swirling high above the North Pole. Spiral of light aurora The unusual one measures more than 600 miles wide, dazzling the sky for eight hours before disappearing into the night.

Polar night decorated with Aurora Borealis in Svalbard, Norway [Shutterstock]
Polar night decorated with Aurora Borealis in Svalbard, Norway [Shutterstock]

Until recently, however, researchers struggled to explain what a giant patch of light was and why it was there. Physicists at Shandong University in China have succeeded in explaining the situation. Using satellite data collected during the Cold War, Qing-He Zhang explained that the mysterious ‘space storm’ was a huge spiral of electrically charged gas.

The celestial whirlpool as seen in 2014 was created by a shower of electrons ejected from the sun. Tiny particles flow through Earth’s magnetic field, hitting gas atoms in the upper atmosphere and releasing bright flashes of light. Zhang and his team estimate a space storm may have occurred before 2014, but this is the first time scientists have identified one.

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3. Methane Points for Life on Mars
Astronomers have detected methane on Mars several times. The presence of the gas has led some scientists to speculate that life could exist on the Red Planet. On Earth, living organisms are the most common producers of methane. Every time new scientists find new evidence of Martian methane, they are one step closer to discovering whether there is life on our neighboring planet.


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