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Thanks to the Transformation, PLN’s Debt Drops to IDR 407 Trillion | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir reported that the debt of the State Electricity Company (Persero) or PLN continued to decline. Erick noted that currently, PLN’s debt is only Rp 407 trillion from the previous Rp 500 trillion.

“When we are doing the transformation together, now PLN’s debt has dropped to Rp 407 trillion, which was previously Rp 500 trillion,” said Erick Thohir during a working meeting with Commission VI DPR RI at the Senayan Parliament Complex, JakartaWednesday (21/9).

Erick said that the shrinking debt could not be separated from the transformation process that was consistently carried out by PLN in the last few years. Including by accelerating payments and repayment of PLN debt.

“These accelerations are certainly part of how to make PLN’s cashflow healthy,” he explained.

In addition, the Ministry of SOEs has also inaugurated the holding and subholding of PLN as part of the company’s restructuring. Erick wants the restructuring of PLN to make national electricity stronger and wider in serving energy for the people.

With this change, PLN as the main holding will oversee four subholdings. First, subholding in the primary energy sector, PLN Primary Energy Indonesia. The tasks of this subholding include the procurement of coal, gas, and coal BBM as a source of energy for electricity generation, as well as ensuring a source of primary energy supply sourced from NRE.

Second, subholding in the generation sector, namely PLN Indonesia Power. Third, PLN Nusantara Power, which when formed will immediately become the largest generation company in Southeast Asia and is ready to compete in the global arena.

Fourth, the subholding that is engaged in business development and innovation outside of electricity for future needs, PLN ICON Plus. With this change in structure, PLN will be more effective and efficient, both in financial management and investment potential in the future due to changes in the world, and PLN will be right on target to the community or consumers in need.

Erick continued, Commission VI of the DPR RI also contributed to the success of the PLN transformation. Especially from the supervisory function to encourage business transformation by the state-owned company.

“Thanks to our encouragement and supervision from Commission VI, now PLN’s debt has turned to Rp 407 trillion,” he concluded. [azz]

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