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Telkomsigma Targets B2B IT Service Market | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Gartner in his research “The Future of Cloud in 2025” said that in 2025 the market size of cloud in Indonesia is predicted to reach IDR 39.3 trillion with a CAGR 2020-2025 percentage of 27 percent.

This growth projection is welcomed by Telkomsigma, which is currently intensively developing the capacity and capability of FLOU Cloud, as well as building collaboration services with strategic principles through Hybrid multicloud.

Telkomsigma’s Director of Delivery & Operations, I Wayan Sukerta, said, in order to realize a more optimal digital transformation, Telkomsigma offers Hybrid multicloud capabilities that combine the benefits of public cloud and private cloud to answer security compliance needs.

In addition, Telkomsigma is also improving its cloud capabilities with a multizone system supported by 370+ certified cloud practitioners and the availability of 24/7 IT support. This includes the availability of a cloud native architecture that is oriented towards flexibility, scalability, and secure and reliable infrastructure readiness.

“Telkomsigma’s strategic efforts through capacity building and cloud capabilities are a form of our response to the trend and increasing market share that is oriented towards business efficiency in long-term IT adoption,” he said in a press statement, Tuesday (20/9).

In addition to increasing cloud service capacity, which is targeted to be realized and go-live in Q4 2022, Telkomsigma is also taking other strategic steps by establishing partnerships with various local and global IT partners.

As is known, Telkomsigma, which was taken over and given funds of Rp 2.59 trillion by Telkom last April, is now positioned as a digital growth engine for TelkomGroup that focuses on presenting B2B Digital IT Services solutions in Indonesia.

With this step, Telkomsigma has transformed and focused on presenting Digital IT Services-based solutions for the B2B sector in Indonesia, mainly through the development of the cloud business to become an accelerator of Indonesia’s digital economy.



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