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Technology Delivers Pecel Catfish Sambal Rampai to Success, Here’s the Full Story! | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – There are many examples of stories of immigrants who have successfully opened businesses in Indonesia Jakarta. One of them is Gianto or familiarly called Ian. Starting from his hobby of cooking, this young entrepreneur from Lampung tried to try his luck by opening a Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai food stall in 2018 in the Slipi area, West Jakarta.

Realizing the tight competition in the catfish pecel business in Jakarta, Ian tried to be different by innovating the manufacture of chili sauce using potpourri, a fruit that is well-known in his hometown. Ian’s innovation bears sweet fruit and has succeeded in bringing his business to success. The following is the journey of his story as a successful catfish pecel business entrepreneur in Jakarta.

His Success Was Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Although fairly successful, Ian’s Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai business was not spared the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic that began to hit Indonesia in 2020 has caused food stalls to be increasingly empty of buyers because there are various restrictions and prohibitions on eating in restaurants.

This situation finally forced Ian to close the Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai business and return to his hometown. After having no income for several months, Ian tried to revive his business with the courage and the remaining business capital.

Take Advantage of Online Food Delivery Services

Ian did not hesitate to go directly to the kitchen to ensure the quality of the food served. Source: Special

Unlike before, Ian this time tried to finalize his sales strategy by utilizing online food delivery services. Like the pinnacle of being loved by ulam arrives, Ian’s determination to undergo a sales strategy on line This is supported by the presence of ShopeeFood services.

According to him, the pandemic situation has made consumers increasingly rely on food delivery services on line. This consumer behavior encourages business actors to also become more creative in maximizing online sales strategies.

“That’s why I really welcome the presence of ShopeeFood in early 2021 and immediately interested in joining the company merchants. I see a promising market potential from ShopeeFood services because it is supported by the large Shopee user base,” explained Ian.

Sales Turnover Starts to Increase

Since joining ShopeeFood, Ian admits that his sales turnover has increased significantly. Departing from his success in utilizing technology, Ian also tries to create new jobs for his employees and colleagues around him who have been laid off or have experienced business failures.

Ian gave his colleagues the opportunity to open Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai branches in their respective regions. Until now, Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai has employed hundreds of employees in 18 branches spread across the Greater Jakarta area.

“Compared to the period before the pandemic, I feel very grateful because my business is now able to bounce back and become much more successful. Thanks to the help of technology and the ShopeeFood promo campaign, I was able to maintain my business and continue to open new branches even in the midst of the difficult time of the pandemic,” said the 31-year-old man.

Successful Tips for Selling Catfish Pecel Ala Ian

new shopee

The ShopeeFood delivery service also helps the development of the Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai business. Source: Special

Ian’s success story in developing Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai certainly cannot be separated from Ian’s persistence in maximizing his business strategy. To that end, Ian shared three main strategies that can also be applied by business actors in developing their business, even in the midst of difficult times such as the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Don’t Ignore the Three Fundamental Things That Are Important In Business

According to Ian, there are three fundamental business components that must be considered by business actors, namely product, marketing, and operations. Business actors must be able to try to create a unique product to be marketed. Then, determine marketing techniques and media that are tailored to the target audience you want to target. A unique product will have its own added value that can make the product easier to recognize.

In addition, business actors must also learn how to manage business operations properly. Always maintain product quality and conduct in-depth analysis for the business. Every day, Ian always tries to monitor and analyze every sales transaction of all Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai branches at ShopeeFood by using the feature dashboard in the Shopee Partner application.

2. See the Opportunity Observantly and Take Advantage of Technology

It is undeniable that today’s business world is developing very dynamically. It seems that business actors are required to be able to adapt more quickly to all the changes that occur. Therefore, it is important for business actors to be more observant in seeing the opportunities that exist in the community. For example, today’s culinary business actors can no longer just use restaurants offline in running their business.

Consumer behavior that is increasingly dependent on food delivery services on line can be a promising opportunity for culinary business actors. Ian believes that the use of technology, for example joining online food delivery services, such as ShopeeFood, has now become a very essential strategy for developing a culinary business.

3. Drive Sales by Actively Promoting

Ian realized that promotion in business is very important to help drive sales transactions. For Ian, promotion is one of the efforts made by business actors to pamper their customers and maintain customer loyalty. So far, Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai has been actively maximizing various campaign strategies at ShopeeFood, such as Flash Sale, Pay Daytwin date campaign, and Jumbo Promo.

Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai in a day can get hundreds order from ShopeeFood. Ian revealed that even orders from ShopeeFood had also reached an extraordinary record, where one branch of Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai could get more than 450 orders in one day. Going forward, the winner of the 2021 Top MSME Growing Shopee Award admitted that he wants to further mature the business operational system and his team, so that the Pecel Lele Sambal Rampai business can continue to last a long time and open more and more new branches throughout Indonesia.



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