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Tasya Kamila’s Exciting Story Is Debated by Her Son Due to the ‘Ration’ of Ice Cream

Tasya Kamila’s Exciting Story Is Debated by Her Son Due to the ‘Ration’ of Ice Cream

Suara.com – Funny story revealed Tasya Kamila about her little baby, Arrasya Bachtiar. Tasya said, she had ‘inherited’ ice cream as a favorite snack or dessert for Arrasya, who is now 3 years old.

Now, said Tasya, Arrasya can ask and argue with her mother when she asks for the daily ice cream quota.

“So he can already say, Mom, I’m smart enough to eat (it’s finished), so I may not ask for ice cream,” said Tasya telling her son’s chatter at the Wall’s 30th Birthday event in South Jakarta, some time ago.

The result is now almost every day Arrasya enjoys ice cream as a snack or snack after eating, with the choice of ice cream that Tasya used to eat since childhood.

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Even according to Tasya, Arrasya has a special ice cream flavor that she always eats, namely Paddle Pop Rainbow. This is the same type of ice cream he enjoyed as a child.

Some time ago, a video went viral on social media for Arrasya, who had not even taken the ice cream Tasya was eating for a year.

“That’s why there is a video where I fight for ice cream with Arrasya, because the mother also doesn’t have the heart to see her child, where she admits she is happy to eat ice cream while her child really wants it, so I try to give it a little bit,” said the 29-year-old woman.

Even so, Tasya made sure that the provision of ice cream for Arrasya did not interfere with her main meal. So he avoids giving milk or snacks within two hours before eating.

“So I give him a snack two hours after eating, so that when he eats his main meal, he still feels hungry, and the main food enters his body,” explained Tasya.

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Furthermore, Tasya herself often uses ice cream as a mood booster or booster when she is tired of studying, doing assignments, or demotivating herself to do various activities.

“In the past, when I was demotivated, yes, everyone even though I wanted to study at school, there were still moments where I needed to be refreshed again, bored moments and BT. One of the things that could cheer me up was eating ice cream,” concluded Tasya.


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