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Take a peek at Raffi, Andre, Atta, Uya, and Gading’s Modified Concoction at the ‘OLX AUTOS IMX 2022 Star War’

Take a peek at Raffi, Andre, Atta, Uya, and Gading’s Modified Concoction at the ‘OLX AUTOS IMX 2022 Star War’

COMPETITION Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Star Wars’ is one of the flagship content of OLX Autos IMX 2022 which will provide a new concept and atmosphere for the Indonesian automotive industry

The annual Blackstone Livemodz Challenge competition, which is one of the flagship events of OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo 2022: The Indonesian Kalcer, has started rolling out digitally. By carrying out the concept of ‘Star Wars’, the challenges of the contestants and this year’s special modifier team are packaged differently and more challenging.

After being carefully selected, finally 5 contestants from public figures were selected car enthusiast who are believed to inspire the public, including: Raffi Ahmad, Atta Halilintar, Gading Marten, Andre Taulany, and Uya Kuya. They are already known for their automotive hobby, especially modifying their vehicles.

Unlike the Live Modz concept in previous years, this year the contest to show the ability to modify four-wheeled vehicles with different car bases will be judged by scoresheet selected by the jury, namely: Fitra Eri, Rifat Sungkar, and two NMAA judges: Erwin Chairudin and Edy Vertue.

Interestingly, Raffi Ahmad and Andre Taulany, who often compete on their respective YouTube channels, actually choose the same car base, namely the BMW E30 in the 1990s. These two contestants have their own reasons for choosing a similar car base with a modified style that will certainly be different.

Raffi: Remembering the Father

For Raffi Ahmad, the BMW 3 Series is a historical vehicle belonging to his late beloved father. Many sweet memories that can not be forgotten until now. The car that had accompanied him for decades instantly kept his memory and deep longing for his father.

Once selected as one of the contestants for Black Stone Live Modz 2022, Raffi decided to modify the car and dedicate it to his beloved father. According to him, the BMW E30 was specifically mandated to him to keep it maintained and maintained in its condition.

At the direction of Team Leader Fernand Andreas, Raffi’s M30 will carry the ‘Modern Classic’ concept. He appointed several tuners and specialists in the modification sector, such as a car restoration workshop from Bandung Retouch Pro Autowerkz, an interior specialist for Cabin Car Leather and Belkote Paints paint, Rotiform wheels from Mega Arvia, Audio from Pioneer, stickers from Goodfix and Air Suspension AirBFT.

Andre: Dream Since Childhood

Unlike Raffi Ahmad, the competitor, Andre Taulany, has idolized the European sedan BMW E30 since high school. He admitted, the charm of the BMW E30 that existed in the period 1982-1994 was still in demand by all circles, including the younger generation today.

Andre also has unforgettable memories when he owned the E30 and sold it until he finally had the opportunity to buy back the unit which he thought was his childhood dream.

BMW E30 Andre carries the concept of ‘Restoration & Total Modification’. The work was entrusted to Team Leader Prasetyo Andi and Om Posma Panggabean from Private Auto Garage who are BMW modification specialists, and supported by experienced modifiers such as: Johar Yudhanto from PAG workshop for engine overhaul and overall modification concepts.

For bodywork, it was entrusted to Findy Dony from the Fins Garage modification workshop, and supported by aftermarket products Belkote Paints, F1 bodyworks, Air Suspension AirBFT, Venom Audio, SPD Jakarta for modifications to the lighting sector and interior specialists from Vinnci Indonesia.

Atta and the Car of a Million People

Atta Halilintar with #TeamAshiap took the base of a 2011 Toyota Avanza purchased through a used car buying and selling platform, OLX Autos in standard conditions. Atta is supported by Musa Tjahyono, who is currently the Head Designer of West Coast Customs, a figure who has a big name and no doubt about his capacity in the world of international vehicle design.

#TeamAshiap also received support from Tomi Airbrush, Max Decal automotive stickers, AirBFT, Venom Indonesia, Masterpiece Car Leather Seat and Yoong Motor Jakarta.

Ivory Highest Class Sportcar

Gading Marten and Team Papa Manja chose the Audi R8 sportcar to compete in the Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Star Wars’. Gading has received support from specialist tuners and aftermarket manufacturers including Reindy Riupassa as Head Modificator, Venom Audio, Hardy Classic interior specialist, and Wetgloss and Upol Indonesia who are responsible for the exterior sector. While the legs are selected HSR Whee wheels, plus AirBFT Indonesia air suspension. The whole process will be closed with the detailing stage and the machine finishing stage by Dressup Garage.

Uya Kuya: Back to the Original Habitat

In this event, Uya Kuya chose his car collection Mazda MX-5 Miata generation 2 as the material. The modifier team, named Tim Gemes Manja, was led by Rangga Erlangga Polnaja, the modifier and retainer of ProRock Jakarta.

He also hired Lido Jaya Motor to handle the body sector, Yoong Motor Group, and Belkote Paints, Dice Sticker and Goodfix paint products. The legs sector will be given a product of DNZ Wheels wheels, to Delium tires from Mega Arvia. While the interior is entrusted to Axis interior and Venom Audio to handle the ‘car entertainment’ sector.

Let’s wait and see what surprises the modified concept of each participant will come up with to compete in the Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Star Wars’ at OLX Autos IMX 2022 which will be held live at the Jakarta Convention Center, 1-2 October later. (S-4)


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