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Sweet Food Warehouse, Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta Presents Special Menu | Dream.co.id

Sweet Food Warehouse, Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta Presents Special Menu |  Dream.co.id

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As time goes by, more and more culinary actors are developing in Jakarta. Moreover, from time to time there are many culinary trends that inspire these business people to develop new creations.

One of them is Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta. This culinary business focuses on the creation of sweet foods. Uniquely, the creations presented are so unique, that it makes anyone tempted to try it. Here are some of the special menus!

Mini Martabak Cookies

© Sweet and Delicious/Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta

The first special menu from Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta is mini martabak cookies. This menu is the result of the development of sweet martabak which is transformed into a cookie.

An interesting innovation, to attract consumers to want to try. Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta also makes it very well, where when eaten this cookie tastes like real sweet martabak.

There is a taste of chocolate, cheese to sweetened condensed milk as found in a sweet martabak dish. The difference is, the taste is present in the form of cookies which are denser but not as heavy as the martabak dish.

So, lighter to eat and delicious as a snack. In addition, these mini martabak cookies are also suitable to be combined with a variety of drinks. Whether it’s hot or cold drinks, both are great to enjoy with these mini martabak cookies.

Chocolate Bonbons

Sweet and Delicious/Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta© Sweet and Delicious/Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta

Besides mini martabak cookies, Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta also has a special menu that can make people happy. What else if not chocolate bonbons. Although the name is chocolate, in fact this is not just any chocolate you know.

In terms of appearance, these chocolate bonbons have a round shape with motifs like the planets in the universe. Some are patterned like blue planet earth, red like mars or mercury, and so on.

The specialty is even more pronounced when the chocolate bonbons are eaten directly. Because, it contains a variety of delicious fillings. The filling will give a special surprise, thus adding to the appeal of these chocolate bonbons.

This is why chocolate bonbons are loved by all ages, because anyone who eats them will be automatically made happy. In addition, the packaging is also very premium, so these chocolate bonbons are also suitable as hampers for those closest to you.

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