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Supporting Sila Tea SMEs in the Dutch Tong Tong Market, BRI Makes Indonesian Tea Worldwide | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – In order to expand market share overseas, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI continues to encourage MSMEs. One of them please brand, tea high end Indonesian natives who have their own peculiarities, participated in the international event of the Tong Tong Market in the Netherlands.

As is known, the Tong Tong Fair, which will be held in The Hague, Netherlands on September 1-11, 2022, is a potential event for MSMEs to carry out business activities business matching with Indonesia-Related Company and International Company in the Netherlands.

Director of Small and Medium Business BRI Amam Sukriyanto, who was present at the Tong Tong Fair, explained that the participation of BRI-assisted MSMEs in the Tong-Tong Fair is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to continue to introduce the potential of MSME products to the international arena. In addition, this event is also an achievement for the company because the products of the assisted MSMEs will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors from various countries.

The Co-Founder as well as Operational and Business Director of Sila Tea House Redha Taufik Ardias revealed that the inspiration for Sila’s presence came in 2018. At that time, he considered that there were not many high-quality teas in Indonesia.

“That the tea we have been drinking is not tea, but rather the rest. I find that the highest quality tea in Indonesia is often shipped overseas. Then in-repack again with brands from abroad to be sent back to Indonesia in a more exclusive form,” he said.

Therefore, he wants to present authentic Indonesian tea of ​​high quality, as well as an effort to support the welfare of local tea farmers. He also researched all things about tea and found facts about the rich variety of Indonesian teas with very good quality.

“Tea in Indonesia is of good quality. Indonesia is included in the top eight countries with the largest tea plantations in the world. Therefore, this is an opportunity that we must introduce Indonesian tea with an Indonesian brand,” he said.


The Sila brand itself was born with Sociopreneur elements and the spirit of Sustainability. Presence of Sila is projected to have positive implications multiplysupported by high end quality in the country, will raise the image of Indonesian tea in the eyes of the world.

Through Sila, his party wants to add value of Indonesian tea. This is also expected to encourage the expansion of employment opportunities with the presence of tea preneur new. Currently, Sila Tea House operates with the assets of three houses owned by Iriana in Sentul, Bogor, West Java.

In addition, currently Sila Tea House has more than 100 varieties of tea with a total of 100 tisane or dried herbs. They also did blending. The number of articles has reached hundreds, but currently, 45 variants have been released to the market, consisting of 30 . blend with 15 pure tea.

“Our tea leaves are blended with natural herbal ingredients such as lemongrass, lemon, ginger, roselle flowers and others. But the tea remains dominant,” he added. According to him, with tea brewedblend presenting selling points that are unique and become an attractive force for the targeted market.

Therefore, the tea which isblending called Artisan Tea. Artisan in this case is a work that is made with a high understanding and has artistic value so that it presents a high quality and can be proud of and is science-based. For the market, it focuses on the domestic market by marketing internationally business to business to cafes. However, Sila has been exported to Turkey, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

As for business development, Redha said that his party had received capital incentives from the government and from BRI. “We are an innovation and education company. We hope to empower new tea preneurs to open tea bars. This tea bar is usually liked by young people. Just mini but fancy. I want BRI to be able to work together for empowerment and Multi Tea Preneur recently,” he added.

Redha also admitted, in 2022 or in its fourth year Sila’s business showed very fast progress. Because during a pandemic development Massive enough please. For this reason, a strategic step forward in the development of Sila, his party is increasing production capacity.

Please also build a strong sales team to find as many distributors and reseller. Currently, Sila is strengthened by 4 distributors in Medan, Manado, Serpong and Palangkaraya.

As for the selling price, currently the cheapest price is Rp. 12 thousand per tea bag to Rp. 225 thousand in cans containing 15 tea bags. Sila has now been able to empower 15 tea gardens owned by smallholder farmers which are able to absorb up to 300 tea pickers.

Therefore, with the element sociopreneur and spirit sustainability which produces high-quality tea, it is not wrong if BRI sent Sila to the Netherlands to warm up the Tong Tong Festival there. Thus, in the future, it is hoped that Sila will be able to inflate the delicious and fragrant premium tea native to the archipelago.



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