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Sule Gives 2 Million Tablets for Baby Adzam, Nathaline Holscher Even Buys 11 Million Cell Phones

Sule Gives 2 Million Tablets for Baby Adzam, Nathaline Holscher Even Buys 11 Million Cell Phones

Selebtek.voice.com – Divorce Sule with Nathaline Holscher continues to be discussed by the public. For example, recently, Sule did not allow the purchase of a tablet phone for his son, Adzam Ardiansyah Sutisna, which made netizens angry again.

But in fact, Sule actually bought it. This can be seen in the latest vlog Nathalie Holscher found Baby Adzam was watching his favorite cartoon on a tablet with a cute green protective case that Sule bought.

“Is this an iPad from his father? Got sustenance from dad. Thanks dad, got sustenance. How do you like it? Do you like it?” said Nathalie Holscher to Baby Adzam in a vlog shared by her personal YouTube channel, Tuesday (26/7/2022).

So far, Baby Adzam has been watching his favorite cartoon on the caregiver’s cell phone. However, because Nathalie didn’t know there was a gift from Sule, she bought a gadget for her son.

But Nathalie didn’t buy Baby Adzam a tablet but a cell phone. He wanted the phone to be used to communicate with his father.

“I don’t think I’ve bought it yet. Thank God her mother got the fortune to buy this cellphone. It already has a number, later my father can call him here too,” added Nathalie Holscher, who is rumored to have a cold relationship with Putri Delina, Sule’s daughter.

On that occasion, Nathalie Holscher mentioned the price of the cellphone she bought for Baby Adzam. “Use a casing, it’s scary, ah. The price is pretty good, I say. What’s not for a child,” said Nathalie.

Based on the type of phone mentioned in Nathalie Holscher’s vlog, the tablet from Sule is the Galaxy Tab 7 Lite worth IDR 2 million. Meanwhile, Nathalie Holshcer bought the Galaxy S22 Ultra which costs Rp. 18 million.

Even so, the netizens did not seem to care about the price of the gift that Baby Adzam received from Sule. They are just grateful that Baby Adzam’s needs can be met.


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