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Students Buy a Pair of King Cockatoos Rp50 Million, Confiscated by the State | merdeka.com

Students Buy a Pair of King Cockatoos Rp50 Million, Confiscated by the State |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The Central Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) evacuated a pair of endemic king cockatoos from a resident in Semarang. Evacuation is carried out for breeding birds which are included in state protected animals.

“The animal was handed over from a student in Semarang without official documents, so it must be confiscated by the state to be returned to its habitat,” said Head of Central Java BKSDA, Darmanto, Sunday (17/7).

The evacuation of protected animals was carried out after officers found that a student was taking care of a certificate for breeding a pair of king cockatoos. After being traced, the animal was purchased through Facebook for IDR 50 million.

“We ask for documents that can only show proof of purchase receipts. It is possible that he was deceived by selling animals because he could not show a certificate of ownership permit,” he said.

BKSDA officers mediate with residents. If it is not submitted to the state, the Central Java BKSDA will process the crime against Police.

“Finally, the king cockatoo was handed over to us and we are taking care of it in the Central Java BKSDA cage,” he explained.

Until now, there are still many rare bird owners who do not know that this action violates the applicable law. Like the confession of a young man who has a king cockatoo, he said that the bird would actually be bred because it had previously succeeded in breeding Javanese parrots.

“That’s why there are those who claim to be bought for captivity. But there are also those who are given. Whereas keeping birds that are categorized as state protected can be sentenced to five years in accordance with Law No. 5 of 1990 and Government Regulation No. 7 of 1990 concerning the protection of wildlife,” he explained.

In addition to a pair of king cockatoos (Probosciger Aterrimus), officers also evacuated one Black Headed Cassowary (Lorius lory), one parrot parrot (Eclectus roratus), six Koki Cockatoo (Cacatua Galerita). The 10 rare birds will be returned to West Papua for further translocation.

Repatriation of rare birds to West Papua so that the state continues to preserve and maintain the unique ecosystem of the Land of Papua. In the future, BKSDA will intensify socialization so that people submit protected animals to BKSDA.

“The translocation process is to prepare for the release of the bird into its natural habitat in Sorong City, West Papua,” he said.

Central Java BKSDA PPH Coordinator, Joko Sulistianto, said that the process of returning 10 rare birds to West Papua was carried out on Sunday, July 17, 2022. The animals were transported using the Garuda Indonesia cargo service. The line is from Semarang transit Jakarta then arrived in Sorong Monday 18 July 2022.

Before being sent, these protected animals have gone through a medical examination from the Ventiver Center. The results of the medical examination of the ten tails are free of bird flu and do not carry other diseases.

“In the next stage, the birds will be retrained to be ready to live in the wild. The process is carried out from habituation cages before being released into the wild,” said Joko Sulistianto. [noe]

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