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Stealing Raden Saleh, The Film That Unites Icons Today’s Actors and Actresses

Stealing Raden Saleh, The Film That Unites Icons Today’s Actors and Actresses

The action-theft genre film Stealing Raden Saleh, directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko and produced by Visinema Pictures, will soon hit theaters on August 25.

The film stars young actors and actresses who can be considered the faces and icons of today’s cinema. They are Iqbaal Ramadhan who previously starred in the Dilan film series, Angga Yunanda (Dua Blue Lines), Rachel Amanda (NKCTHI), Aghniny Haque (Wiro Sableng, KKN Desa Dancer), Umay Shahab (director Ku Kira Kau Rumah), and Ari Irham. (Too Handsome).

The film is about a plan to steal the painting Arrest of Prince Diponegoro by maestro Raden Saleh. Iqbaal Ramadhan who plays the character Piko, who is an art student, said this film can be considered as a film that can unite Indonesian cinema icons today.

“I believe in regeneration. Be it success, popularity, iconic character, it will always revolve in each era. There used to be Rano Karno, Ongki Alexander, there was an AADC film with Rangga and Cintanya. By Stealing Raden Saleh, I and five other friends became something fresh. Young people who work in their respective universes, create ambitious works together. It’s so fresh,” said Iqbaal in an interview with Media Indonesia at Swiss Bell-Residence Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (15/7).

Iqbaal also considered regeneration in the film to be important. And he hopes that what happened in Stealing Raden Saleh can also pave the way for regeneration for the generations below that will continue to exist.

“This film proves that nothing is impossible to do. Before this film, I might not be able to play with Iqbaal or the others in this film. Because in my opinion, Indonesian films are still too constrained, ‘you have to be here, you have to be there.’ Even though there is a lot that can be explored, if you want. And hopefully this will be a sweet opening for future films, nothing is impossible,” added Angga on the same occasion as Iqbaal. (M-2)


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